The Most Fabulous Hairstyles To Match Your Facial Cut!

We understand how depressing it is when you have to scour the internet to find an interesting hair cut, only to find out that the end result doesn’t match the pretty picture you printed for your hair stylist. This style-to-face mismatch often leads to frustration and even tears- if you’ve got drastic hair change and the new hairstyle doesn’t suit you at all.

But fret not, all this doesn’t mean that you’ve to stop trying interesting haircuts and stick to your same old and boring hair. It just implies that you need to do homework and try hairstyles that are meant for your facial frame. Don’t know what’s your facial cut? Well, we’ve researched about all the face shapes and according to it your face shape will fall into one of the 6 that are listed below. ¬†Plus we’ve also got you the best hairstyles for different face shapes. So, scroll down to find your perfect hairstyle!

P.S. To analyze your fair shape, pull your hair back into a headband or a ponytail and determine what you see in the mirror. Your pretty face should fall into one of the 6 categories of hairstyles for different face shapes listed below.

Oval Face Cut

hairstyles for oval face

Here the forehead will be slightly wider and broader than the chin and length of the face will be 1 and half times more than the width.

Well, if you’ve got an oval face shape, you’re the luckiest as oval face shapes can carry most of the hairstyles with grace. Though, we would still recommend you to maintain extreme cuts, either longer locks or cute short hair, as something in between usually takes away the symmetry for oval face shaped individuals.

Round Face Cut

haircut for round face

Got prominent and wide cheeks with equal length and width of the face? That’s a round face cut.

“If you’ve got a round face shape you should try to stay away from bob cuts or a cut that is all one length. Layers can work really well for round face shape. Layers can give the much-needed definition and structure to your face!” says Oscar Blandi, founder at the Oscar Blandi Salon. Also, round faces must add depth to their hair for that perfectly pretty hair look. Coloring your hair is a good way out to add depth. You shouldn’t go for anything that has too much uniformity around your face, especially if you don’t have a strong jaw bone.

Square Face Cut

hairstyle for square face

A square face shape is characterized by prominent jawline and square chin. The forehead and the jawline is almost of the same width.

To give your face frame a softer feel, maintain your hair length. Avoid going for haircuts that end around the jawline. Lengthy hair and short fringes around the eye area would suit this face shape most perfectly. Curtain-like fringes on the front side will soften the corners of your jaw while maintaining the hair length.

Oblong Face Cut

haircut for oblong face

An oblong face will have a longer shape that is not as wide as an oval with a narrow chin. This face shape is often confused with the oval face shapes, however, it’s different. Oblong faces are more longer in shape and narrower around the chin area.

Such faces should go for cuts that overall add volume and some interest at the jawline. Layering can work fabulously on such face shapes and draw attention to the area that must be accentuated. Ask your stylist to do the cut in a way that it highlights your collar bone, neck and facial features.

Heart Face Cut

haircut for heart shaped face

If you’ve got wider cheekbones and forehead with a narrow jawline and chin, your face is heart shaped.

The goal should be to decrease the width of the forehead and multiply the width of the lower part of the face while going for hair and makeup services if you’ve got a heart shaped face. A long side-swept fringe can do the job really well. Also, maintain a hair length that’s around the shoulders!

Diamond Face Cut

haircut for diamond face

Diamond face shape has narrow forehead and jawlines with the cheekbones at the widest point of the face. Sounds familiar? Well then, follow down to see which hair will suit your facial frame the most.

An angular or diamond face shape can play with bob cuts or go ahead with long straight hair, but portioned hair are important for such facial frames to look pretty. Also, a hair cut with layers would work well, but the proportion of the length has to be right.

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