The Most Beautiful And Delish Wedding Favors To Give Out This Year

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Weddings in India are a huge deal and a huge industry. We celebrate it as a life size event if someone’s getting married in our family. Other than the amazing memories that we make and a lot of alcohol running in our veins , there’s something else that we are super excited about – wedding favors! People have started giving out some amazing wedding favors to make things more memorable in their wedding. So here we are putting together a bunch of cool wedding favors that you will definitely love.

Mini Alcohol Bottles

wedding favor ideas

Wine is blah. Champagne is overrated. Go for mixers or gin.


Spicy Sauces

best ideas to give wedding favors





















Sriracha rules the charts. Newer, more interesting sauces are: achari-flavoured, bhut jolakia flavour and even jalapeno-anything.


Personalized Luggage Tags

best things to give in wedding favors

Get your date imprinted and a fun quote – better than your names!


Shawls And Wraps

best things to give in wedding favors

These are the most warmest gifts to give your family and friends.


Thank You Cookies

best things to give in wedding favors

The most delicious ways to say thankyou. We believe in cookies and spreading love.


Marshmallows And Candy

best wedding favors to give

Let these delicious delights be your wedding favor and your guests will love you forever.



fun wedding favors to give

Put all your favorite songs in it and make it more personal. Your guests will simply love this idea and you just need to sit back, relax and wait for the thankyou messages.


Alcohol Based Candy

fun wedding favors to give out

Champagne gummy bears, wine candies, do we need to say more?


Shaadi Ka Laddoo

fun wedding favors to give to guests

Well this is pretty obvious and why not!? It’s traditional and fun and the most amazing gift wrapped beautifully in a box.




Cute Brooches

make your guests feel special

Find fun words and play around with the design. Think quirky, think fun!


Pretty Jewelry Boxes

make your guests feel special

Very traditional and beautiful. Give this pretty giveaways to your guests and we assure you that this will always make them feel special.

There are so many gorgeous wedding favor ideas that you can give out to your guests when they attend your wedding. It is the most special day for you so it has to end in the most special way of course!

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