The Most Romantic Post-Pheras Pictures For The Bride & Groom

Well if you did not know this already let me tell you that post phera pictures are quite a thing now. If you thought the hectic and stressful schedule of the bride and the groom gets over after the pheras, well my friend you’re wrong. The couple needs to be all fresh and dewy-faced at all the same time as the pictures cannot go wrong! The thing about post-pheras shots is that – you get tired and looked washed out, at times you can lack motivation as the entire procedure of the wedding can get extremely tiring. But your top best professional photographer in Delhi will make sure that you get the best shots after pheras that you will treasure for the rest of your life. You don’t have to worry about getting the perfect shots on your wedding, we’re giving you a list of top best poses to get yourself clicked in. Share this with your best photographer in Delhi that how you would want to get the pictures and the perfect poses.

The Kiss

best poses ideas for newly weds

The deal has been sealed with a kiss!

Walk Out Holding Hands

best picture ideas

This is the most sweetest way.

Twirling Under The Mandap

poses for newly wed couple

After all the wedding fiasco is over, get everyone out of the mandap and own it like you should and go crazy with your photographer. The pictures that will come out to be will be amazing.

Sleeping Under The Stars

poses for newly wed couple

This is the most simplest yet romantic pose to get. Keep it mind and get it done no matter what!

The Proud Shot

poses for newly wed couple

Yes you should be proud of yourself! It’s some of sort of achievement to get through the Indian weddings, no matter how much fun they are they become a lot taxing after a point!

One With The Pets

poses for newly wed couple

Kindly do not miss out on the most important happiness factor in your life.

Flower Shower

poses for newly wed couple

Use the floral power as much possible, it’s super romantic!

Friends In The Backdrop

poses for newly wed couple

It’s damn sweet to get a pose with your friends in the backdrop. They make your picture crazy, fun and memorable.

Picture Courtesy: Pinterest


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