The Perfect Locations In Delhi For The Perfect Proposal!

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To be in love and to be living in Delhi are two of the most amazing things that makes you the luckiest person alive. Apart from being the capital of India, Delhi is also famous as the ancient romantic city; and the remnants of history are a witness of the love that is buried deep within the city.
If you’ve found your one true love and are ready to share the rest of your life with them, there can be no other place to confess your love than in the vicinity of the love capital itself. From swankiest spots to intimate romantic spaces, Delhi offers an arena of limitless places for your love to blossom.

Kingdom of Dreams

Kingdom of dreams

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Kingdom of Dreams…just as the name suggests, the perfect spot to light up your love sparks, its grand setting and magical allure speaks true love and makes it one of the top settings to bend on your knee.

Sanjay Van

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A romantic setting where there’s just you, your loved one, and the astounding outdoors, then head straight to Sanjay Van. Nestled between lush greens, it makes a fabulous location to present your love. A proposal unlike any other you could have wish for, there’s little to see and do, but then when you are in the company of your one and only, what more could you need!

Nehru Planetarium 

Romantic Destinations in Delhi

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How about a date with a moon and stars?
A wise man once said, everyone is destined to be with their one true love; the magical aura beneath the constellations sets the perfect mood for proposal that is hard to say no to. And the plus point is, it’s not hard on your pocket…if  you’re not so sure the what the answer will be…You know, just in case. Good luck!


National Rail Museum

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Not the most romantic place in Delhi, but certainly a unique one; especially if you’ve been a Jab We Met fan. And if your planning to keep your proposal a secret until last minute, then trust us, no location could be more surprising yet romantic at the same time than this one.

Delhi Eye

Proposal spots in delhi

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Bring the whole world down your knees…it’s no Eiffel Tower, yet you can have a top of the world proposal in Delhi Eye’s air conditioned cabin. A proposal unlike any other, extravagant and fun in equal measure and there could be no other romantic setting than being on the top of the ferry with your would-be-better half.

Old Fort 

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How about a proposal amidst the lush greens, in a boat ride surrounded with ancient architectural marvel? If that’s the proposal you’ve dreamt of, the Old Fort is right place to be! A classic traditional paradise where you can spend a day exploring one of the Delhi’s astonishing architectures. However you spend your time, you’ll have one of the most romantic landscapes as your backdrop if you choose to capture your big moment.

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