The Story Behind Priyanka Chopra's Wedding Gown: A 75 ft long Veil, Embroidered Names, Her Reaction and More!

The Story Behind Priyanka Chopra’s Wedding Gown: A 75 ft long Veil, Embroidered Names, Her Reaction and More!

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A 75 ft long veil, a sweet combination of eight different words and phrases, each with special importance to the bride ; a piece of her mother-in-law’s wedding dress sewn into her own, Priyanka Chopra‘s wedding gown was more than just a bridal dress ! It was a creation of artistic excellence, a reflection of pure love that she has for her family, and a gorgeous melange of handwork and designing prowess. Designed by ‘THE’ Ralph Lauren, Priyanka Chopra’s Christian wedding gown was a manifestation of any bride’s dream of wearing something that is not just a piece of clothing but something which will stay close to her heart. A token of joy, something to be preserved and to look at, her bridal dress was a lovely dedication to her father and the memories she carried along with her herself as she walked down the aisle with her mom, Madhu Chopra.



What Makes it More Than Special For Priyanka…

For many of us, Priyanka Chopra’s wedding gown just an Instagram sensation that lasted a couple of weeks, but for her designer and the bride herself, this dress was crafted by inculcating thousands of hours of meticulous handwork, choosing the perfect fabric, scrupulous scalloping of the neck and long sleeves, striking the right balance of sheer and opaque, while embellishing it with precious Swarovski crystals and balancing the long veil with perfection.

The bespoke wedding gown is 4th of its kind, as Ralph Lauren has only designed wedding gowns for his daughter, niece and daughter-in-law in the past, which makes Priyanka Chopra the first celebrity bride he has designed a wedding gown for!



Here’s the sketching of Priyanka’s dream wedding gown

All the details you need to know about Priyanka’s Ralph Lauren Wedding Gown

When it comes to the detailed intricacy of her wedding dress, we are sure you will be amazed at how special this Christian wedding gown is for the bride, PeeCee!

Priyanka’s white wedding gown had eight names etched onto its fabric. It included her beau’s full name, Nicholas Jerry Jonas; her parent’s names, Ashok and Madhu Chopra; their wedding date, that is 1st December 2018; words like,‘ hope’ ,‘compassion‘, and Hindu religious chant, ‘Om Namaha Shivay’. From her in-law’s side, Priyanka got a piece from her mother-in-law, Denise Jonas‘ wedding gown sewn into the dress.

As can be read on Ralph Lauren’s Instagram post, “Fifteen artisans in Mumbai, India, hand-embroidered the coat with a variety of complex techniques, from fine cording to tulle appliques and pastiche threadwork inspired by Chantilly lace, for a total of 1,826 hours. Worked into the scrolling floral motifs were 32,000 pearlescent sequins, 5,600 seed beads, and 11,632 Swarovski crystals. The coat was closed down the front with 135 satin-covered buttons and finished with scalloping at the high-cut neck and long sleeves. The strapless column dress worn beneath was embellished with more than two million pearlescent sequins to bring a sense of shimmering dimension to the overall look.”




A peek into the making of Priyanka’s white bridal gown



The fittings for Priyanka Chopra’s white wedding gown took place in Paris, where she tried the whole look with her veil as well.


Priyanka’s Reaction on her Wedding Gown Fitting in Paris


THE VEIL, which swept not only Nick Jonas off his feet but also had us gushing over its beauty and magnificent length, 75 feet (or 23.5 metres) to be precise, was made with two different cuts of tulle-with a shorter fingertip-length veil worn under the loooooonger one. Undoubtedly, which required at least 6 attendants to carry it as our gorgeous bride made her epic bridal entry!



  • To complete her bridal look, Priyanka Chopra chose to wear a pair of white Jimmy Choo Romy pumps.


About Nick’s Tuxedo

For the Christian wedding ceremony, Nick Jonas donned a double-breasted tuxedo from Ralph Lauren’s Purple Label line. And it wasn’t only PeeCee who had words embroidered on her dress, Nick too had a piece of his bride’s dress hand embroidered in Urdu, which said, “My Jaan”, meaning “My Life”. #COUPLEGOALS

What did Mr Lauren, the designing mogul say about Priyanka Chopra’s wedding gown…

Priyanka and Nick’s wedding was no regular celebrity wedding. It was a celebration of two families, with two cultures and two religions coming together to bless the union of the lovely duo. And this is what the designer, Lauren kept in mind while creating a dress so fabulous. He said, “What I do is a reflection of many cultures with my own particular imprint. The people that relate to it live all over the world.”

According to RLMag, he also shared, “This isn’t about a dress. It’s about a woman and a moment. Priyanka knows exactly who she is, and so I wanted the dress to reflect, not only her love story and the romance of India, but also her unique sensibility: strong, smart, and beautiful.”

Furthermore, we believe that the dress was definitely a true reflection of sheer hard work, artistic perfection, supreme designing and a right levelling of embroidery and embellishments, sheer and opaque, style and grace along with love and happiness.


Pictures and videos courtesy: Ralph Lauren


We know even you can’t stop crushing over the dress and so can’t we! And by the virtue of being in the same spirit, we would love to know what did you love the most about #Nickyanka wedding? Can’t wait for your comments!




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