The Ultimate Wedding Day Checklist For The Indian Bride

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Amidst the rush to get ready, look your best and finally make your grand bridal entry on the wedding day, you may tend to miss out on a few important things. To ensure that your evening goes picture perfectly, we’ve listed below some of the tips and tricks that all you brides must follow. These details have been mentioned by the ladies who have been there, done that and know exactly what you should do right before you make your wedding entry. Follow us down to know important things you must NOT miss out on your wedding day. So, here’s the ultimate wedding day checklist and wedding guide for every beautiful Indian bride, go check it out!

P.S. You’re going to love us later on for giving you this super important list of things that you need to check right before your wedding!

  1. Have you texted your makeup artist to confirm the time at which you expect her to be there and also the venue? If there are any accessories you’re expecting her to get for you, remind her to get it for you. Also, ask your stylist if she wants you to wash your hair because most of the stylists do not prefer to style the freshly washed hair before wedding.
  2. Confirm the timing with your photographer once more. Make sure he reaches on time and is there for behind the scene shots.
  3. Has your ‘bride to be’ bag been packed? Wanna know what all does the ‘bride to be’ bag include? Well, it includes the things you must carry with yourself to the parlor to look your gorgeous best. Here’s the list of things that you must include in your bag without fail:

Your jewellery

Your lehenga (which includes the skirt, blouse and dupatta! We know a bride who forgot her dupatta at home and then she had to go back take it and then get ready, which consumed a lot of time.)

Your shoes

Hair pins

Double sided tape (especially for those of you who plan to wear low cut blouses)

Safety pins

Cotton buds (will help you to clean your makeup)

Tick tock clips (will keep your hair away from the face)

Your bridal accessories

Straws (they’ll help you to drink water without spreading your lipstick)

Mini bisleri bottle, some tang or red bull or any other energy drink

Vaseline or any of your favorite lip balms

Makeup kit (carry a small kit with you for backup so that if your MUA’s makeup products do not work for you, you have something else in hand to wear). Also, take your foundation, kajal, lipstick and blush.

Makeup remover

Any reference pic that you would want to show to your makeup artist for makeup inspiration.

Snacks- Chocolate bars, energy bars, nuts, khakras, anything else that you want to munch on.


Umbrella (to keep yourself covered in case it rains)

Money (you should always keep some money with you as you never know when you need it)

Phone and phone charger (the last you’d want is your battery dying especially when you have to coordinate stuff with all the vendors and guests and family members)

Perfume bottle (always keep it with you)


Sanitary napkins (because you NEVER know)

Needle and thread (in case a button or something comes out at the last minute)

Invitation cards (if your photographer hasn’t pictured them yet and it would be the right time to do so)

Lens solution (if you wear contacts)

Crocin/Combiflam (because those pins can be insanely painful)

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4. Have you packed your ‘bride to wife’ bag? Wondering what it is? Well, your ‘bride to wife’ bag must include all the Indian bridal makeup stuff that you’ll need overnight for staying in a hotel or wherever else you plan to stay for your first night. Giving the list of things that must include in that bag:

Night suit

Change for the next day

Makeup remover (This is highly recommended. You might return home looking like a wicked witch, so you must keep this in your bag to remove your makeup once the wedding scene is over)

Sanitary stuff (Toothpaste, Shampoo, Conditioner, Combs etc.)

Change in shoes (because you won’t wear the same ones the next day)

Night creams, all your lotions and potions

Your makeup kit and daily essentials

Sanitary napkins

5. Try and wear a top that can be opened and removed from the front side as once you’re done with your makeup and hair styling, you wouldn’t want to pull your t-shirt up, remove it and then wear your blouse as it might ruin your hair and makeup. So, try and wear a front open top or else wear your blouse before your hair and makeup starts so that you don’t have to go through the hassle of changing your top later on.

6. The main and most important part- have you assigned the role of being your personal helper to somebody? Well if you haven’t done that yet then do it. After all, you will need someone to ensure that your bags have gone into the vidaai car and that you are well fed, and to give you signs regarding how is your Indian bridal makeup looking because at times you cannot really insult the MUA on her face, right?

7. Check if someone is working on your entrance song CD- You can assign this responsibility to one of your brothers!

8. Confirm which car is going to drop you to the parlour, pick you up from there and take you to the wedding venue. You need a car assigned for you.

9. Find a way to get inside the wedding venue without being seen by the groom’s fam and friend- for the grand bridal entry.

10. Don’t forget to carry a picture of the hairstyle or hair draping style for reference to show it to your makeup artist. It’s easier to explain things that way and also saves a lot of time.

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Things to check while getting your makeup done

  1. Have someone to check the status of groom and expected time of baraat arrival.
  2. Have someone to check your bridal entry song with the DJ- has he got it right?
  3. Check with your mom and dad to see that they haven’t broken down into a bucket full of tears already- Indian parents are lovely but too emotional.
  4. Check with your brother if whether your phoolon ki chaadar that you’ll need for your wedding entry is ready or not.
  5. Ask your hired wedding photographer to capture some nice behind the scene shots for you
  6. Eat something-make sure you eat your energy bars on time and keep your energy level up.
  7. Use the washroom before wearing your lehenga. Trust us, going to the washroom with your heavy duty lehenga on is an absolute torture. So, make sure you go to the washroom (for whatever) before you wear your lehenga.

Things you must check post your hair and makeup

1) Check if you’re able to move your head from side to side once your dupatta is pinned. A lot of salons amke this mistake of pinning up the dupatta on your head first and then directly onto your shoulders which makes your stiff like a chicken and doesn’t allow you to move from side to side. Ask them to insert an extra handsful of cloth onto the shoulder area before pinning the dupatta so that you feel comfortable and your shoulders do not look scrunched up in your wedding pictures later on.

2) Check for your kaleeras: A lot of brides remove their kaleere while getting their makeup done and then forget to wear them back. We know a bride who forget wearing her kaleere after her makeup and then had to rush back later on to find them and wear.

3) Spray some perfume on yourself so that you smell good throughout and the sweat doesn’t affect your bodysmell much.

4) Ask someone to pack and carry your clothes that you wore to the salon so that nothing gets misplaced.

5) Text your groom ‘baby here we goooooooo!!’. Okay, honestly, this is not important but still nice to do! 😛 😀

6) Click your photo and see if you want something to change because you won’t be able to do that later on.

7) Get your invitations clicked by your wedding photographer in Delhi if that hasn’t been done yet.

8) Put a straw in a glass of water and keep yourself hydrated-that’s really really important (and don’t worry about your lipstick, it won’t move!)

9) Just relaxxxxx!!! And wait till you hear the noise of the baraat outside. Spend some time with your sisters and friends as it’s going to be one really tiring, fun and memorable day ahead. Ask your photographer to click pictures of all these times and special moments.

10) Check if the person your assigned the task has kept your ‘bride to wife’ bag in the vidaai car or not. You need that bag as you’ll be taking it along with you to the hotel or any other place where you plan to spend your first night.

Once all this is done, just enjoy your moment and the most special time of your life and make some really really awesome memories with your partner, fam and friends that you’re going to treasure and cherish forever!! And yes, stay connected to our blog section for more updates on things related to weddings, wedding guide, wedding day checklist and similar stuff.

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