These 9 Breathtaking Mandap Décor Ideas Can Beautify Your Wedding Moment

A summer wedding means light, easy and breezy! As the heat rises nobody wants OTT decor. So we’ve got you some pretty amazing wedding decor ideas for mandap inspiration for you to choose the best one according to your theme and other arrangements. So bookmark your favorite one and show it to your best wedding decorator in Delhi.

Pretty Pink & White Colored Mandap

mandap ideas for your wedding

A play of colors makes the mandap so special! The use of pink and white colors are just of the right amount making it look so gorgeous for a summer wedding.


Soft Pink, White & Bright Pink Mandap

mandap ideas for your wedding

Picture Courtesy: R.E.M. Photography

So glam, right? Love how pretty and unique this mandap is! Perfect for an indoor summer wedding! From balls to entirely being decorated with roses, it gives such a beautiful summery feel.


Open Air Scenic Mandap

mandap ideas for your wedding

If the view around you is scenic, then how about an open mandap? This wedding happened on a beach and so why not a open mandap where you can also have the gorgeous view of the sea and enjoy the wedding.


White Larger Than Life Mandap

mandap ideas for your wedding

How lavish is this white wedding mandap? It can really make the couple stand out and gives such royal and classy look.


Red Floral Mandap

mandap ideas for your wedding

This breathtaking red mandap can make you call up your decorator RN and be all set for your wedding, isn’t it?


All Pastel Color Mandapmandap ideas for your wedding

This is one of the most beautiful setting we’ve seen and the shades used are just perfect for a summer wedding and we will definitely recommend this one!


Mixed Floral Mandap

mandap ideas for your wedding

A mandap as gorgeous as this one is so perfect for a summer wedding! A lot of mixed florals and those hanging strings really look amazing!


Yellow Circular Mandap

mandap ideas for your wedding

Yellow being the apt summery color, a mandap like this one is perfect for your morning nuptials! Love how happy it looks!


Luxury Purple Mandap

mandap ideas for your wedding

How classy is this purple mandap looking! With light purple and antique cold chairs complimenting the entire look. Simply stunning!


Picture Courtesy: Pintrest


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