These Are The Most Amazing Engagement Hairstyles That You Can Rock At Your Wedding!

We all know Indian weddings are a huge and tedious process for everyone. You need to hire top makeup artist for engagement party in Delhi as hair and makeup are those main components for the bride and her friends and family. And what all preparation needs to be done in this process is way more taxing. But even in this, everyone wants to look their best.┬áLet’s face it, all the Indian brides in the past have done the most boring and dull hairstyles. But not anymore guys. We’ve got you a list of some really fancy yet fun engagement party hairstyles for Indian wedding function that you need to follow this season. Bun hairstyles, loose pony, messy hairstyles are some hairstyles which are quite popular among all brides currently. Well we know how Indian bridal engagement hairstyles make us want to yawn! What with the dupatta for North Indians and the flower ornaments in the south, there are limited things you can do beyond the tried and tested bun or braid. The engagement however- you can get totally creative – let it loose in curls, do a chic side bun for your hair or a fishtail braid, tie it in a sleek pony – the options are totally limitless. These real brides had some of our favorite engagement party hairstyles and some we found online that you guys should try out!!!

Bun Hairstyles for Engagement

Well if you happen to have two events then you can probably just let your hair tied up in a bun and on the other day tie it up during the wedding. But if your wedding does have more events, then having some more modern, messy buns definitely don’t hurt. We absolutely love the chic, twisty bun as it’s quite a trend these days. Take some part of the front hair and twist it taking it at the back and placing it in the bun. Take out some strands around your ears and you can rock this messy bun perfectly at your engagement party. The bun can also be tied up neat and clean with your beautiful lehenga or anarkali that you would be donning at the function.

front-view of bride with bun


left-view of bun

side-view of bun


Half Tied Up and Half Let Loose

bride in peach, tied and loose bun

bride in green, tied and loose bun

bride in red, tied and loose bun

Sonam kapoor with tied and loose bun

Well this is the most subtle and common hairstyle that brides and her friends and family opt for. But there is a twist to it. Best makeup and hair stylists in India have given this look a complete makeover by making it THE hairstyle that everyone is going for. You can make it fancier by putting flowers or jewelry in your hair or giving it a messy look. Lots of curls, all pinned up to one side and a little puff at the back with a slide flick, we absolutely love this style. You can also go for side parting with waves on the front of the face or a cute fishtail braid leaving the rest of the hair fall down with soft curls. There is another very attractive hairstyle on these lines only which is that you get a center parting done with twisted hair on both the sides and the rest left open. Gives the look of ruffles at the top. So most popular hairstyles for engagement in saree is also quite an option to try out.

So well these are the most happening hairstyles of this wedding season which will go with any of your dress be it a lehenga, anarkali or a gown for that matter. You just need to speak to your best makeup and hair artist in Delhi while you’re hiring them as to what will look good on you and according to your outfit as well. Rest we’re sure you will be the star of the evening. So which are you going for?

Picture Courtesy: Pinterest

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