9 Ways To Bring The Spark Back To Your Relationship

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Been a long time since you both started dating and now all the butterflies have gone out of the window? Don’t worry, these tips listed here will help you know how can still keep the excitement quotient up in your relationship. Here’s how you can spice things up in your long-term relationship!

Gymming together

It has been well said that “A couple who gyms together, stays together!” Instead of spending the cute and nice moments together all the time, plan your gymming routine with each other. It’s not just seductive to see your partner gymming but also a good way to instill excitement in your relationship.

Salsa dance classes

salsa dance


Bored of all the regular stuff out there? Well then, we recommend you to try out dancing (no kidding!). We know it might sound completely weird and absurd to you but trust us, joining dance classes together is a great great idea. It’ll not just keep you both fit and fine but also close to each other. Dancing will help you enhance your chemistry and spice things up.

Erotic texting


Who doesn’t like it? C’mon we all do… Send short erotic texts to your mate during their working hours or just before they sleep and make them more eager to meet you. You can also exchange some raunchy images and messages with each other to keep the spice quotient up.

Go on roleplay dates

relationship stuff


Go on a date and introduce yourself to each other once again, but this time in a different and more perky way 😛 You can roleplay and start everything afresh just to see how interesting it can be…

Massage sessions/couple spas

couple massage


There can be nothing better than going for a refreshing and rejuvenating spa session together. It’s the best way to vitalize yourself and perk up things with your lover.

Talk about your fantasies

romantic couple


And yes, you totally should!! There are times that we keep our feelings and desires bottled up and do not convey them. Discuss your fantasies with your partner for a hot and spicy time under the sheets that will keep the excitement level intact in your relationship.

Entice him with your new lingerie

sexy lingerie


Girls, you can surprise your guy with you new hot lingerie to incorporate sexiness in your relationship. Tease them, act playful and let them crave for you.

Travel together 

travel buddies


Travelling together is the best way to keep boredom out of your relationship. Plan trips and explore places that both have been wanting to, it will not let the excitement go down the drain and allow you to make some amazing memories with one another.

Find an evening ritual you both love…..

It can be anything from watching netflix to reading, going out on a drive or doing some fun activity together. Spending your evenings together will keep you connected to each other.

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