10 Things You Must Ask Your Photographer Before Booking !

Your wedding is right around the corner and you’re looking to hire the best photographer in Delhi to capture your special moments, just then you contact a photographer recommended by somebody, hire him for covering your celebration moments and pay him the amount in return. But what if things mess up at the last day? What if the photographer falls ill? What if the pictures he snapped aren’t good enough?

Not just your function pictures will be ruined forever but also the memories that you could’ve cherished for a lifetime through those captures. This is why it’s super super essential to make sure that the top photographer in Delhi that you’ve hired is apt enough to photograph the entire event professionally and delivers captivating images to you without any hassles. Now, for that, you must have a list of questions that are super important to ask your photographer. Fret not, we’ve done that for you. Go through this catalog of questions we’ve curated for you to ask your photographer *before booking* him or her. And yes, you’re welcome! 😛

1. What is your primary shooting style ?

This question should always stay on the top of your list. You MUST know about the primary shooting style of the photographer so that you can decide whether or not to hire him for snapping your moments. Everybody has different preferences and therefore, it is important to ensure that the shooting style of the photographer resonates with your event photography outlook.

2. How many weddings have your covered, and have covered the ones similar to mine ?

Let’s assume that the photographer you’re going to hire doesn’t have much experience in covering the events or the style of events that you’re planning to throw, this will not just make you disappointed in the end but also give a bad name to the photographer for not being able to deliver good work. Therefore, always make sure that the photographer you’re hiring is well-worse in covering a certain style of events.

3. What color combinations would fetch you the most attractive pictures ?

Nowadays, keeping themes for all the functions has become a huge trend. You can keep the glamour game up by asking asking your photographer which color combinations ( for wedding themes and decor ) would fetch you the most bright and attractive pictures. Yeah, there are certain colors which look good in real and not so much in the pictures. That’s why it’s better to consult your photographer once regarding which colors would look appealing in the event pictures.

4. What all services are included in the photography package ? Will you get color corrected and edited pictures ?

It’s extremely important to ask this question. There are instances of photo studios not giving the edited, color-corrected pictures or not giving post production services to their clients. Just to avoid that last minute hassle, you must ask your photographer before hand what all services would they include in your package, how many assistants would accompany the photographer on the event day and similar things so that everything goes on perfectly.

5. What kind of cameras and equipment are used by the photographers ? Do they store backups ?

Ask your photographer what kind of cameras and equipment are they going to use so that you get an idea about the quality of pictures you’re going to get. Whether the pictures are low, medium or high on quality, that totally depends on the camera!! Also, in case something goes wrong, a back-up should always be there to fix things up. Find out if the camera used by the photographer is equipped with back-up option or not.

6. Extra charges for longer duration ?

At times, the event stretches for more than the decided number of hours and it would be worst if your photographer ditches you at those instants. Always ask him before hand about his availability for longer duration. If he’s available, ask him or her what extra charges would be covered for that.

7. What attire will the photographer and the assistants wear on the event day ?

It is always better to have the photographer and his team in a specific uniform color. That ways, it becomes easy to identify them among the crowd and also it gives a professional look to whosoever views them. Also, it’s good for the promotion of that photography label so no photo studio should have a problem with following a particular dress code for the event day.

8. Would that studio allow you to choose a particular style of post production ?

Well, honestly, not every studio in India offers this kind of service. But it’s always better to ask your photographer a particular style of post-production. This will help you to get the quality of your pictures enhanced ( in case the quality is not enhanced already ) and also allow you to choose the style in which you would want your album or video to be made.

9. What would happen if the photographer or the assistants fall ill ?

Imagine a situation where your event is approaching and the photographer or his teammates fall ill at the last moments.  What then? No other good photographer would get ready to shoot in the last days and if you hire somebody who doesn’t have much experience then you cannot be assured of quality images. So, keep your alternate plan ready with your photographer before the big day.

10. How long after the event will the albums, proofs, etc be ready ?

So that it doesn’t kill your excitement of getting to see your festive pictures. Also, you will be knowing when to expect them.

Feature Image Courtesy: Bhumi Simran Photography

So guys, here you have it- the list of things you must ask your photographer before hiring him or her. Now go ahead and rock your function!

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