Things You must Check With Your Event Planner Before Hiring Them!

There are times when we want hire a good event planner to organise the event in the most perfect manner but fail to do that due to lack of knowledge and presence of frauds in the industry. Therefore, in order to help you do away your event planning hassles, we’ve listed down the things you must check with your event planner before hiring him or her.

Not just that, we’ve also got you one of the best event planners from the industry (Zucchini Events) and their take on the wedding and function planning industry. Scroll down to know what makes them the best and other expert advices given by them to make your event details a total showstopper.

Top 4 advices to people who want to hire an event planner for their function:

Event planner’s job is to plan and design an event that reflects the client’s vision. Therefore, finding the right event planner can be a mind-boggling task for any client. We have jotted down the most important pieces of advice (given by an expert planner in the event industry- Zucchini Events) on how to find the right event planner for your big day. Scroll down to a have a look at them!

  • Passion: You must have heard the popular phrase “make your passion your paycheck!” Look for that passionate event planner that will produce an exciting and successful event.
  • One who has got an excellent time management and client handling skill.
  • The event planner should be having a flexible schedule and an accommodating approach.
  • Good communication skills are an absolute must have for any event planner, so make sure the one you’re planning to hire is good with interaction and social skills.

Do you help your clients on a personal basis while finalizing their menus and catering setup?

Yes, we do help our clients in selecting their menus according to their function theme and family culture. Bar layouts, dining table layouts, buffet layouts are all taken care of. Although, the catering planner can bring in a lot of new ideas for the menu and overall food setup, but also consulting your event planner for that is a great idea to go ahead with.

Why should a potential customer choose you over other brands?

Potential customers must choose us over other brands for the following features we possess:

  • Passion for weddings irrespective of budget, location and culture aspects.
  • Excellent vendor partnerships to ensure quality and timely deliveries.
  • Arranging everything with style and finesse.
  • Flexible and accommodating work schedule.
  • Attention to detailing
  • Providing great, customized packages at affordable price range.

What are the clients’ expectations from an event planner? How realistic do you think it is nowadays?

New age clients are more smart and informed than the previous generations of clients. Today, the clients are more experience, well researched, aware of the available options and know exactly what they want which is good. On the flip side, the clients these days have become extremely demanding which certainly gets challenging at times.

As far as the event and theme related expectations of the clients are concerned, it is pretty realistic nowadays to turn those expectations into reality with professional event planners that are innovative, resourceful and efficient in their work.

What exactly is your role as a wedding planner? How much can you contribute in making a wedding larger than life affair?

As wedding planners, we provide the best Wedding solutions. With our detailed planning, systematic approach, organization skills and precision, we make the clients feel “Special” on the most important day of their life. We are sensitive to client’s wish list and work really efficiently to make their day special for them.

Also, we design one of a kind weddings; weddings that convey rich emotions, passion and excitement using unique settings so that you can let your senses and feelings flow. Apart from this, we extend our services to design, plan, organize and coordinate other wedding related events and themes as well, such as:

  • Planning the wedding proposal
  • Executing engagement parties
  • Organizing bridal showers
  • Organizing stag and doe parties
  • Luxury wedding planning
  • Destination wedding planning
  • Planning other themes

What special services do you offer to your clients that are not usually offered by other event planners?

We offer phone consultations to clients who stay in different cities, countries or continents. Also, we give them an option to get their décor details or themes for particular event to be customized with us online. We do offer one time consultation where we draft wedding itinerary, any themes and the basic plan to run the show. Apart from this client can have us as partial wedding coordinator where we work with clients selected vendors, venue, and timelines but ensure that the event runs as per client’s schedule, so that they can enjoy their event. We help them in creating their dreams!!

How is event planning overall as an industry?

TBH, event planning is a multi core industry. Be it private happenings or public events, everything now is done on ‘big scale’. Rise in disposable income coupled with time constraints that people face has led to the development of the event and wedding planning sector in our country. Weddings are very expensive in India. The situation is not different when it comes to spending on Birthday Parties, Meetings and other Corporate Events. In a bid to make one’s event or wedding unique, the event or wedding planning industry derives a reasonable demand owing to their professionalism and touch of precision to make the entire process smooth. An event or wedding planner becomes imperative to streamline the entire process and attention to the minutest detail. This could only be fulfilled by very few experienced and recognized planners.

Therefore, event planning is still unorganized and is in the phase of growth and development. There are credibility and professionalism issues that the clients face, as most of the clients cannot find value for money.

Formalized education in this field is required to cater to the needs of this ever growing field. It is not so easy to become an efficient event planner, one needs to learn a lot of things including organizational skills, technical knowledge, P.R., marketing, advertising, catering, logistics, decor, glamour identity, human relations, study of law and licenses, risk managements, budgeting, study of allied like television and other medias and several other things. Once all these areas get in place, we will definitely be heading towards more organized and structured field of event planning, where we will find a happy and satisfied client!!

Palace wedding venue top-view

Wedding venue decor

Neemrana fort for wedding

Neemrana for lighting and deocr

Neemrana fort overview

wedding dinner
wedding dinner table decor

ladies posing

colourful wedding decor


About Zucchini

“Beyond the glimmers, a wedding event is more of a kaleidoscope of creative efforts and effective management; Zucchini events assists you in crafting your personal wedding tale. With maximum customization, segment planning down to each small details and steadfast execution, we fabricate a fabulous wedding just out of your spawning faint ideas. Zucchini Events is undoubtedly one stop shop for premium style services in accordance with your tastes and preferences. Organizing countless events ranging from the modest to opulent with a sense of aesthetics and touch of class, Zucchini Events has grown in a big way!  Our exclusive services include: Weddings The essentials of Indian wedding The Modern day add-ons Personal stylist and shopper Other Events.”   ~ Founder at Zucchini Events.

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So, what are you waiting for? Go discuss your event details with this planner before they run out of dates and throw an event that your guests will remember for a lifetime!

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