Things you must know before hiring a Photographer.

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There is “No Tomorrow” when it comes to those magical moments that are to be captured and cherished for life. And in making that important decision of hiring the top professional photographer in Delhi to capture those moments these are few things to consider before –


  1. Time to R&D

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To begin this strenuous task, first do some research about the photographers and their photography styles. For various photography options under one roof check out the photographer’s category on

  1. Photography styles


Get yourself acquainted with general photography styles to help you make a better decision about your photography needs. Like in wedding functions there are three broadly classified photography styles –

things to keep in mind before hiring them

  • Traditional – In this style the photographer takes mostly posed shots, arranging people and details to look in a certain way.

dos and donts for hiring a photgrapher

  • Candid– Photographers of reportage style believe in capturing the day as it is. In this the shots are natural and real.

dos and donts for hiring a photgrapher

  • Contemporary –  A mixture of traditional as well as reportage, the contemporary style has elements of both and is a more balanced style of photography.


  1. “Show me the Money”


dos and donts for hiring a photgrapher

Before hiring your memory capturing magician A.K.A your photographer for the day, you must prepare a budget as it would help you make the selection easy. Also, it will save you a lot of time as you would not want to invest time with someone who is way beyond your budget.

  1. What’s in the box?

dos and donts for hiring a photgrapher

The inclusions you desire in your photography package like candid photography, wedding album or the proofs of the images that would be received should be thought of and listed out in advance. So, that you can discuss them with the prospective photographers and make your decision accordingly. Also, how the images would be provided to you is also an important pointer to discuss.


  1. Smile Please!

dos and donts for hiring a photgrapher

For that perfect smile in the photograph a good comfort level with the photographer is essential. While considering the photographers to choose from for your special day analyze the level of comfort you feel with them before making any decision. As, if there is any kind of discomfort with the photographer then it is bound to reflect in your pictures.



dos and donts for hiring a photgrapher

While selecting a photographer another important factor that needs to be considered is the experience he has. For that perfect shot you desire, it is important to consider the experience a photographer has. In addition to it you can always ask for some sample works for reference.

  1. Post production

dos and donts for hiring a photgrapher

Before making your final choice do consider the post production factors like the format used by the photographer while capturing the images and whether or not the RAW images would be available with the JPEG’s.  If only JPEG images are available then the editing gets limited which makes having the RAW image a plus point. Also, the way in which the wedding album would be designed is important for making a decision.

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