Things You Must Know If Your Wedding Venue Is In A Secluded Area

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We know that the moment your wedding date is final the very first thing that comes to your mind is to book the venue. People usually book the best wedding venues in Delhi for all the functions in advance and you wouldn’t want to miss out on your dream venue in Delhi NCR, just because you were a little late. The venue should suit all your requirements like your budget, personal taste and style, the number of gathering you want to call. The accessibility of everything from the gorgeous wedding decor at the venue to the top catering services in Delhi, everything should be checked before hand.

Most of the people book the farm houses for their weddings because relatively, the farm houses are a little away from the city and they provide a lot of space for parking and even to adjust a huge gathering for any function. The outskirts of the city is less crowded and so the space is quite huge. So now if your top wedding venue in Delhi also happened to be far away from your home in a secluded area there are a list of things you should do and things you shouldn’t.

Inform Your Guests

Tell your guests well in advance about the distance of the venue because it might be quite far for most of the people so they need to know that well before the date of the function. You need to give them time to make proper arrangements, to locate the venue and the distance of the venue form their place. These factors count like what time should they leave for the function, what to wear, etc.


Have A Day Function

By doing so, you make it easy not only for yourself but for your guests too, as the risk of going to a far away and deserted venue at night is chalked off. You can easily go and come in the day light, safe and sound!


Wear Less Jewelry

The venue will be quite far from your place and you are going to be travelling for a long time to reach the venue. And you don’t know what kind of places you will be crossing. It is better to be safe than sorry. Usually, gangs who are involved in theft and robbery are aware of weddings taking place near their area, so you must avoid attracting any undue attention.


Pack Well

Now if you are travelling with children, pack like you are going on a short trip. You don’t know whether you will find any convenience store stores around a new place. So for your own convenience tell someone in your family to take along a first aid/medicine kit, proper snacks for the kids and comfortable clothes to change into.


A Small Function Near Your Place

By doing so, all your loved ones who want to be a part of our wedding function but have to miss it because of the distance, will also get a chance to shake a leg with you and be a part of your celebration. You can have a cocktail/sagan celebration at a banquet or at your own place, and only the close family can go to the wedding.


Don’t Drive Back Alone

This one is actually for your guests! Even if the wedding is not yet over and for some reason any of your guests want to leave, try convincing them for staying back. It is an unknown location, dark at night with only them on the road; a perfect opportunity for the wrong elements of the society to strike. Thus, even after the wedding is over, make sure all the cars and busses leave together in a group. Remember, there is always more power, unity and safety in numbers.


Don’t Wear Real Jewelry

Nowadays, imitation jewelry is so amazingly made and it is quite difficult to make out the difference between which is real and which is fake. If your wedding is at a faraway venue, wear imitation jewelry for the event. God forbid if something were to happen, at least you will not be robbed of your expensive assets. And you can always wear real jewelry for the other functions.

We only want you to have the best wedding function at your dream venue in Delhi NCR. But of course that comes with some conditions and one needs to follow them.

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