This Bazaar In Jankapuri DC Has Earrings, Bags, Kolhapuris At Cheap Dirt Prices

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We know Delhi’s street markets top the charts when it comes to best fashion in Delhi street shopping. From kolhapuris to heels, ethnic bags to the latest slings, traditional earrings to funky ones, the street shops of this city will never fail to impress us.What makes these pavement shops so dear to the Dilliwalas is the art of bargaining that works like a charm here.

There is no greater joy for a shopaholic than to spend a day thrift shopping. There are multiple best places to visit in Delhi for shopping but this hub situated in the basement at District Center, Janak Place, Craft Bazaar passes as a wonderful street-shopping destination and a splendid place to go on a shopping spree with your BFFs!

Trendy Shoes

best places to shop in delhi

Shoes are a die hard obsession among regular shopaholics and for good reason too. Here at this place you get trendy shoes by the dozen. Most of the shops export stuff to other states of India and so the quality is suppose to be good. This is one of the cheap shoes market in Delhi from price ranging from 150 to 450 rupees and make sure you try your pair before buying as they only exchange within one day. Also, the price of each pair of shoes goes down as the number of pair increases, so buy more!


Pretty Earrings

best places to shop in delhi

Girls, we have got to admit every outfit looks better with a pair of earring on, right? Get your hands on traditional jhumkas and danglers here at Craft Bazaar at rock bottom prices. In so many different colors and styles, these earrings are a must have in every girl’s ethnic wardrobe. This is one of the best places for junk jewelry shopping in Delhi and the price ranges from Rs. 20-250 and your bargaining tricks will come handy here. For the Western diva in you, the place is also brimming with fancy pom-pom earrings and junk jewelry.


Innumerable Bags

best places to shop in delhi

A woman can never have enough bags in her life, can she?! So a big shoutout to all the shopaholics out there, we’re asking you to check out a stunning collection of sling bags, handbags and backpacks available at an affordable price. There a few fixed price shops that won’t budge, while others will happily negotiate. We recommend you make a beeline straight to the stall opposite the food court. One thing is for sure, you will never run out of options here! There slings starts from Rs.250 and handbags from Rs.500.


Colorful Bangles

best places to shop in delhi

We love the sound of bangles while walking and moving around. It is the sole reason, well apart from the beautiful colors in which they are available, why we buy bangles in the first place. To fulfill your 90s Bollywood dream, the market offers you a plethora of options in terms of bangles. They range anywhere from Rs.100 to 350. While most of the bangles are of plastic and not glass, silver and metal bangles are the bigger rage RN!


Stylish & Comfy Kolhapuris

best places to shop in delhi

An Indian outfit can never be complete without a pair of kolhapuris on. Be it a simple kurta or a traditional wrap-around skirt, for college or for work, kolhapuris never go out style. Pick up multi-colored pair of kolhapuris at this shop in Craft Bazaar at just Rs.200! The shop also sells Punjabi juttis in various colors and designs. With these kolhapuris and juttis on, your Indian avatar will be on point!


Shantiniketan Crafts

best places to shop in delhi

Shantiniketan leather craft has become quite the rage for craft lovers around town. They offer sling bags, tote bags, wallets to pencil cases, spectacle cases and even key chains. This small shop in the middle of the craft bazaar has all the variety of colors and designs, go check out this store for stellar leather goodies! Their range is from Rs. 50 to 500, so what are you waiting for?


Don’t Miss Out On The Food

best places to shop in delhi

f you’re half the foodie we are, after this shopping spree you’ll be famished and craving a little snack. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Although District Center is in itself a hub for food lovers nearby, the basement of Craft Bazaar is home to a single food shop. If you’re stopping here, do not miss the scrumptious spring rolls and Chinese platter. A bottle of Coke and some hogging and you’ll feel good as new!

You can come during the weekdays as the shops are open for six days (except Wednesdays) and the best time on weekends would be around 6 PM to avoid both the heat and the rush. Check out the place for yourself and let us know what steals you managed to snatch. Happy Shopping!

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