This Dog’s Maternity Shoot Is The Most Adorable Thing You’ll See Today!

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While pregnant women are busy planning their own maternity shoots, this girl (Elsa Veria) did something for her best friend who was 8 weeks pregnant. Yeah, she held a damn cute maternity shoot for her beautiful and photogenic friend and we just couldn’t get enough of it. From arranging the floral tiaras to beautiful settings, everything was done in most adorable manner.

Wanna see the shoot pictures?

Well then, here you go.

dog maternity shoot

Elsa’s best friend is her two-year-old semi professional dog model, Fusee. Awestruck?? Even we are. She made sure that Fusee positively glows in all her dog maternity shoot pictures. Therefore, she arranged super cute flower decorations, creative cardboards and floral embellishments for her dog. Elsa posted the posted on Twitter on Tuesday and the post blew up overnight. People could not get over how adorable Fusee looked in all her dog maternity shoot pictures.

dog maternity photo shoot ideas

Fusee is rocking the flower crown better than any girl who has ever flaunted it, seriously. We are totally in love with the dog maternity shoot pictures of Fusee!

dog maternity shoot with flowers

 dog maternity photoshoot - dog in hand

All the shots were taken by 19-year-old Clayton Foshaug who has taken some other quality dog maternity shoot pictures, too.

How do you find these pictures? Can dog maternity shoot pictures become the big new trend in India? Do let us know your viewpoint in the comment section below.

Picture Courtesy: Pinterest 

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