This Incredible Dance Studio Knows Exactly How To Make Your Wedding The Most Happening One

We all know that dance shows have become an important part of our wedding cultures these days. Wedding sangeet celebrations are really incomplete without those vivacious Bollywood numbers. Be it your friends, cousins, uncles or aunti jis’ everyone is going to “Get up and Dance”!! And let’s admit a wedding without dance is only possible in a parallel world. While you can rehearse on the dance numbers on your own but the best way to have a kickass performance is by hiring the top most professional choreographer who can help you make your wedding show a big hit.

Beats & Fusion Studio, founded by Sharmila Roy and directed by Robby Singh , is a top-notch dance house that can tailor the perfect choreography for you. With professional experience of 5+ years and unique customized themes, they promise to give you the best dancing experience making your special day even more special. From Bollywood to hip-hop, contemporary to salsa and from zumba to folk dance, they’ve got the best choreographers in their squad to make the entire experience for you memorable.

Now the good news. They are coming up with an amazing offer for you guys! For all the bookings in September and October, they are giving out a discount of 10% to their amazing clients. So we say, do not miss out this opportunity. If you have a theme based wedding and are planning to do a dance performance accordingly, speak to them in advance so that they customize the entire choreography and the songs selections are in sync with your wedding theme. Whether it’s a group performance or a solo, Beats & Fusion Studio knows exactly how to turn up your wedding festivities.

Sizzling Couple Performance

choreography ideas

couple performance at wedding

Adorable couple dancing on popular Bollywood numbers. This is the most romantic performance of the evening that everyone awaits. This is the main highlight of the entire dance sequence and so it  has to be the best. Select a very romantic song and you’re good to go!


Friends And Family

couple performances in wedding

beats and fusion choreography style

beats and fusion choreography ideas

choreography on bollywood songs

choreography on bollywood songs

family dance performance on wedding function

They add fun and excitement in the entire performance. When the entire family participates in the performance it’s the best scene ever. Seeing your aunts and uncles, best friends and their husbands and wives shaking a leg and killing it on the dance floor on your sangeet function is simply amazing to watch. Beats & Fusion will make that happen in the most fun and memorable way.


Bridesmaids Stealing The Show

choreography on bollywood songs

beats and fusion choreography for wedding

bridesmaids choreography for wedding

Well we cannot just ignore them. They are the attractive element in the sangeet function. They groove and jazz up the performance with their killing moves. These are the beautiful bridesmaids twirling on the steps choreographed by Beats & Fusion Studio.


Kids Rocking In Style

beats and fusion choreography for wedding

sangeet dance choreography

You definitely cannot stop these little fireballs. Beats & Fusion’s choreographers knows best how to teach the kids in the most adorable ways. Style them up using props and if you happen to have little munchkins in your family, need not worry. They know how how to shine the kids and make that evening even more special.


Flash Mob Scenes

sangeet dance choreography

Agree or not, flash mobs are the most epic ending to the entire dance performance. There is nothing more fun than performing with your family and friends to desi beats. How can a wedding not have any performance where everyone comes together give a bit shoutout to the couple! And we assure you that Beats & Fusion will make your wedding, the most special day of your life, the most happening one!

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