This is the Ultimate Tuxedo-Guide You Will Need For a Dapper Look!

Let’s admit it, girls! Finding a perfect wedding dress is quite an easy task if compared to the confusion and cluelessness that our dear counterparts encounter while finding a nice-looking wedding or party outfit! The struggle starts right from the moment a man thinks of going for his party wear shopping. Be it a traditional event or a formal evening party, if it’s the groom himself or other wedding guests, men usually find themselves in a novitial state with less or no certain and conclusive decision on what to choose as their wedding wear. Even if one does decide to go for a formal look, many will find themselves in an unavoidable puzzlement about the type of suit or tuxedo they have decided for an upcoming wedding or any other type of an event. And, understanding the same ‘tux-tuation’ which a lot of grooms, their groomsmen go through, in this article, we will be familiarizing you with the types of tuxedo styles by Brahaan By Narains that will certainly trend this wedding season!

1. The Classic Tuxedo

The Classic Tuxedo


Self-explanatory as it is, a classic tuxedo is something which will never go out of style. Weddings, reception parties, engagement ceremonies or a formal event, a classic tuxedo is men’s favourite pick when it comes to keeping their outfit game stylishly classic. When asked about the anatomy of a Classic Tuxedo, team Brahaan gave us an insightful list of integrants which together make this particular outfit. While you are at it, don’t forget to take note of all the details given below:


1. Lapels-  These are the parts on each side of a coat or jacket immediately below the collar which are folded back on either side of a jacket’s front opening.

2. Bow Tie

3. Waist Coat- A tuxedo waistcoat is a sleeveless constituent which is usually worn over a dress shirt and below its coat jacket.

4. Waist Band- Also known as a cummerbund, this tuxedo accessory has its origin in ancient Indian menswear fashion which dates back to pre-colonial times. It is a strip of cloth forming the waist of a pair of tuxedo trousers.

5.  Trousers- Unlike the usual trousers, a tuxedo trouser has a satin side stripe down the leg.

6. Shoes- The classic tuxedos are usually worn with patent leather shoes. Yeah, the ones that shine!

7. Other Accessories- Cufflinks, studs, suspenders, boutonnieres and pocket squares.

2. Plain Black Tuxedo with Shawl Lapel

A plain black tuxedo with shawl lapel comes with a round-shaped lapel as shown below. Deemed as one of the most stylish and formal lapel designs, this tuxedo-type works well for all sorts of celebratory events.


Plain Black Tuxedo with Shawl Lapel

3. Coloured and Printed Tuxedos By Brahaan

For the men who like to experiment with their style-quotient, colourful tuxedos can be an apt pick for their wedding or party looks. Choosing the colours of your tuxedo can yet be another perplexing task, but worry not, just leave it to the style-experts at Brahaan’s who will gladly show and offer you a variety of best men’s tuxedo in different colours, prints and patterns so that you can easily choose the best tuxedo for the next party you attend. To give you an example of their expertise in menswear, below we have showcased two of their exemplary coloured and printed tuxedo jackets that will just do the perfect work of making you look as if the next thing you are going to do is make a Red Carpet appearance for the Oscars.

 Coloured and Printed Tuxedos By Brahaan


For the men who want a luxe look for their own wedding reception, or if you’re a guest of an upcoming wedding, a velvet tuxedo with leaf prints as this will definitely be a rocking outfit choice that will set you apart from the rest of all the wedding attendees. What makes it more attractive is how the soft-texture of this velvet tuxedo jacket strikes an aesthetic balance with the bold and criss-cross elevated pattern on its shirt. And that matching bow tie is only adding more style to this amazing tuxedo look.

Coloured and Printed Tuxedo


Not only this, Brahaan by Narains offers a varied range of coloured tuxedos if you are up for something like what we have showcased above.  All you have got to do is check their Facebook page to be updated with the trending wedding outfits for men this season.


4. The Liquid Tux

Designed with the digital printing on fabrics with colourful patterns which are usually seen on an overall printed shirt, the menswear designers at Brahaan have come up with gorgeous Liquid printed tuxedos emanating a perfect blend of class and elegant menswear styling. This modern technique of digital printing does create a refined texture on any men’s tuxedo style. If you are one of those print enthusiasts in their clothing, a liquid tux can be your pick for an upcoming wedding!



The Liquid Tux

5. All White Tux

Trust this, you can easily rock an all-white tuxedo just like a classic black tuxedo. Well all you have got to do is bring your version of Daniel Craig from the James Bond movie and you will be good to go! When asked what makes a white-tuxedo work for any celebratory event, one of the in-house stylists from Brahaan told us, “After choosing the right cloth for the tuxedo, it’s the designing and tailoring which together play a crucial role in making a perfect white tuxedo. If both of  the practices are effectuated judiciously, the outcome will be nothing less than an eye-catching affair.”



All White-Tux


All Images Credits: Brahaan By Narains

Well, we hope we have given you a fair idea of what to look for the next time you go for tuxedo-shopping!


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