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Love . . Marriage . . And then comes a major bummer – some major kilos on the ass and thighs!

If you have recently become “Mr. and Mrs.” or if you are getting married soon, then you must be quiet busy imagining a lovely future together with long walks on the beach, holding hands together, but what you haven’t imagined in your wildest dreams is both of you sprawled together on a couch few months later and few kilos overweight!

Now this might make you want to lace up your running shoes and go sprinting straight out just to burn a few calories. But before you go off sprinting into the wild here are few more essential tips to avoid gaining the ‘Happy weight’ –

1. Don’t get too Cozy and Comfortable –


weight gain after marriage


Married couples often indulge in lounging around in love more and staying inside the house. With that all your earlier activities and couple night outs suddenly reduce to a bare minimum which in turn leads to you getting chubbier. And all the mindless snacking while cuddling on the couch just adds fuel to the fire. So just get your butt off the couch ,go out and have fun while limiting your cuddle time!

2. Watch what you eat –



Just because the D-Day is over does not mean you now have carte blanche to eat whatever you want. All the new married routine and the so-many after parties make you eat up more than you use to.  To avoid all the happy weight these post marriage rituals will make you gain simply plan your meals that you are having besides going out in a healthy way and try sticking to it!

3. Work but don’t forget the ‘workout’ –


ideas for post wedding fun

With so much more work being added to your daily to do list it is easy to lose track of your workout and letting too much time pass this way makes it even more difficult to get back on track. So just make sure you have stick to your regular workout routine or at least make time for little bit of exercise in your daily routine.

4. Let your Date Nights be your Cheat Meal Nights as well –


weight gain after marriage

Date nights and cheat meals are going to be the two trouble makers for your meals so the best way to avoid these would be to combine these two together. Try limiting your calorie stock-up only to the date nights and few special occasions and eat healthy home cooked meals otherwise.

5. Make it a Habit not a Quick Fix –


weight gain after marriage

While you have lost weight before marriage with some real quick fixes it is important to maintain it for the long run with eating healthy and some exercise. Make long term weight goals and avoid those temporary crash diets.


With these simple tips say “I Do” to a Happy and Healthy Marriage!! There are so many more ideas for post wedding fun

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