Top 10 Budgeted Honeymoon Destinations In India & Abroad!

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Your D-Day is approaching and still haven’t zeroed in on that perfect honeymoon plan? And since at times the wedding expenses are known to exceed the actual planned budget, now the honeymoon budget has to bear the price cut. But fret not; we have got a list of top budgeted honeymoon destinations for you to visit with your love, which are well inside your price range!

  1. Bali, Indonesia

amazing honeymoon destinations in India

Amid the beautiful greenery is this lovely island Indonesia, with perfect spots to laze around amongst the blue-green beaches. Also, the lovely resorts of Bali are just what you need to relax after those strenuous wedding days. Not to miss the amazing sea food and a super relaxing Balinese massage.

  1. Vietnam

best honeymoon destination for you in abroad

Just the right place for couples who want the exotic experience within a budget! Vietnam is a destination with some of the most beautiful views you will ever experience. A must visit place is Dalat – The city of Love, walk around with your beloved and enjoy the breathtaking sunsets.

  1. Thailand

beautiful honeymoon destination

Got a shoestring budget? Not to worry Thailand is the place for you. With its sandy beaches, couple spas, scenic views and exotic shopping locations, Thailand is without a doubt one of the best and nice-on-your-pocket locations for your intimate beginning. Do visit Phang Nga Bay, for limestone cliffs in the emerald green water.

  1. Malaysia

places to visit for your honeymoon in India and abroad

Refreshing Rain Forests, beautiful Colonial Architecture and on top of it all the stupendous shopping malls is what makes Malaysia a preferred Honeymoon location for many couples. Not to miss the amazing Malacca city, just an hour and half from Kuala Lumpur by road.

  1. Qatar

beautiful places to visit for your honeymoon in India and abroad

Culturally rich and a strong heritage is what makes Qatar a pure ethnic beauty. Qatar is a living representation of the rich middle-eastern culture, with its ancient ruins, wooden ornaments as well as traditional handicrafts. While in Qatar, do visit the changing sand dunes at the calm Khor Al Udeid.

  1. Andaman’s

amazing places to visit for your honeymoon in India and abroad

Without a shadow of doubt, Andaman is the most sought-after domestic honeymoon destination. It’s a beach paradise with sun-kissed beaches, rich history as well as world-class water sports. You can enjoy a candle-lit dinner on the beach side with your spouse and go dive together to explore the wonderful waters. The beauty of Andaman makes it an ideal setting for the newlyweds to walk hand in hand and strengthen their bond of love.

  1. Kashmir

unique honeymoon destinations in India

There is a paradise on earth and it’s called Kashmir! Valleys so beautiful that they can give Switzerland a run for its money, it is the most romantic setting honey-mooners can hope for. Explore the snow clad mountains, enjoy the pretty flowers and cozy-up with your beloved while enjoying the snow. A visit to Dal Lake is a must with your sweetheart.

  1. Kerala

amazing honeymoon destination in India

Kerala is famous for its luxurious resorts but many people are unaware of its homestays as well as B&B that are easily affordable. It is a perfect example of having the best of both worlds – beaches as well as mountains. Sip on Champagne with your spouse as you enjoy the stay on houseboats, and Kerala will charm you with its beauty.

  1. Sikkim

amazing honeymoon destinations in India and abroad

An offbeat travel destination, Sikkim has a lot to offer right from its glorious sunsets to snow-capped mountains. It is less crowded than other touristy hill stations which you a perfect opportunity to spend some quality time together.

  1. Coorg

beautiful honeymoon destinations in India and abroad

Truly a beautiful destination, Coorg is rightly called the Switzerland of the South. For couples who wish to enjoy the fresh mountain air, Coorg is the place to be. The coffee and spice trails here provide an experience to remember forever.

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