The Top 4 Bridal Lehenga Trends That Will Blow Your Mind

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We are already in 2017 and if you’re planning to tie the knot this year, then you must stay updated about the latest lehenga trends. If it’s not you but your friend who’s getting married, then share these bridal style trends with her. So yes, if you’re curious to know about the most amazing bridal lehenga trends, then scroll down and see what we’ve  got for you. The best women’s wear designers in Delhi will give you the most modern bridal lehenga trends 2017 that will make you look fashionable and chic on your D-day!

White Lehenga, Floral Embroidery


White lehengas are stealing all the limelight. More than fuschia, deep red and gold shades, white lehengas are in vogue. The colorful and floral details embroidered over the lehenga gives a stunning touch to it. Plain white lehengas with colored jewelry is also in flair!

Love Story Weaved On The Lehengas…..



Chic and up-to-the-minute, this thing is trending high these days. Getting your love story or wedding story imprinted on the modern lehenga 2017 has become the hottest bridal trend.

 Flared And Uneven Lehenga Hemlines…..

flared lehenga


Fluffy and high-low lehenga hemlines are catching all the eyeballs in modern Indian weddings. Lehengas with flare-y bottoms look extremely fashionable and gorgeous for the wedding day!

Bright-Toned Lehengas With Mute Dupattas…..

Whether it’s fuschia pink or deep violet, if you want to look glam and ethereal in deep-toned lehengas, make sure you team it up with mute or light shaded dupattas. It gives an elegant and stylish look to the bridal outfit and this style is totally in nowadays!

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