Top 5 Creative Must Have Inclusions In Your Photography Package !

Cover photo by : Happy Flashbacks

Ask them this, before they shoot you!

No! We’re not killing anyone or anything; accept your bachelorhood, and that’s your own doing anyway! We are here only to guide you for the big day, rest, umm, have a great life!? Alright then, jokes apart, and couples getting closer, you’ll need someone to capture all your lovely moments, before and at the wedding ceremonies. And you need to know what’s in vogue. No! You needn’t buy the magazine, this article’s enough where we feature Best Photographers in Delhi who will help you make those memories Fun and memorable.!

1) Lip dub Video

Credits: Ozen Studios
“bhai, mujhey dance-vance nahi aata, tu baaki koi bhi kaam bol, tera bhai sub arrange karwa dega”,
or “arey didi, mera lehenga itna bhari hai, usper say vo hairstyle and all, dance nahi didi, jootey churaungi na! Pakka!” sound familiar? The lip dub videos are particularly for this brand of people.
The lazy one, the shy ones, and the I-just-can’t-dance ones! So what exactly is this? It’s a cheat’s way; it requires the participants to lip-sync and dance to popular dance numbers, wedding songs, or Bollywood songs, but standing at one place, no one has to move around the stage as such. It can be performed as both, a flash mob, or a staged performance. Now you can bring in those cute-chubby aunties and fix nice thumkas for your wedding video. All hail lip dub!

2)Pre wedding shoots

Credits :Sumit Production
“It’s been a year to our wedding, and we have our varmala photo handing above our bed; and quite frankly, I’m bored of seeing myself in all the jewellery and red! I wish koi casual kapdo ki pictures hoti, at least monotonous nahi lagta” That’s one of the many reasons why we vouch for pre wedding shoots. It’s a professional shoot (mostly staged) for the couple to wear whatever they like, and be at a place they like, and simply be themselves! You are asked to enjoy yourself, as you usually would. And the (team of) photographers take your candid pictures, and a video. Not only do you have beautiful casual pictures, and video but also get to know the photographer, and get to show the chemistry between the two of you. It’s so much better than those posed, tired pictures wearing kilos of clothes and exhausted from all the ceremonies. It’s fresh, it’s happy and its pre- nuptials.

3) Photo booth

must haves in your photography package
“Behen fb dp kay liye ek acchi photo kheech dey!”, “yaar tere paas dslr hai na, please ek photo liyo, instagram pay daalni hai” Photo booths are here for making lives of people with good camera easier! They are these super-amazing booths where you can get props and backgrounds, and decked up bicycles, and even truck fronts to show off all your facial moves! What’s the added filter on the scene? You can even get instant print outs and get pictures transferred to your phone! Like really!

4) Candid Photography

must haves in your photography package

Credits : Abhisakshi Photography

“I wish koi hamari natural pictures leta, hastey huye, masti kartey huye, kiss kartey huye?” Your wish is (every) photographer’s command! Candid photography is traditional photography’s younger sister, only hotter, better, and trendier; and oh she’s here to stay! Those captured crackles, those heart wrenching tears at the doli, that yawning phoophaji, and that nok-jhok between jija saali, all is captures without poses, and without your knowledge. Now those are indeed real memorable moments.

5) Drone photography

Credits :Arjuninder Singh Photography

“Yaar, varmala kay time pay everyone surrounded us, and even the photographer poor thing couldn’t do anything about the excited-stubborn relatives. We have such few good pictures from it.
I wish someone would have taken an aerial shot. Perfect hota!”
It will be perfect now! The drone’s here, now no precious moment goes uncaptured.
So it stays in the air, literally flies above everyone and takes pictures from a different angle, the one you’d never get otherwise. So you better ask for your own drone for your wedding and add on to the cool quotient!

6) Summary video

Credits :Studio Kelly Photography
To summarize, a ‘summary video’ is literally the summary of your entire wedding; everything from the beginning to end. “Yaar poori video kya dekhni, ek crux mil jaye shaadi ka…dream sequence type” now these summary videos are in fact the dream sequences. It’s just so perfect to see your entire wedding run before your eyes, each move and each glace captured beautifully! And all that it takes is 5-10 minutes. How convenient!

Now that you know, what you could have, and you should have at your wedding- photographer wise, have fun smiling for those 200 photos with uncles who don’t call you on your birthday! Have fun! Wink*

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