Travel To These Top 8 Breathtaking Places Under 2 Lakhs!

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Craving for an exotic vacation outside the country and not able to plan it due to the budget issues?

Well, get set and fly because it’s possible to traverse the most tropical locations of the world under a budget of 2 lakh rupees. And yes, we’re including the air-fare, food, stay, travel activities and every basic thing you can think of!! Here, we’re giving you a list of 10 best destinations ’round the globe that you can afford under 2 lakhs. So, go ahead and find out the places that you can set your eyes on.

P.S.- Avoid staying in ultra-luxury hotels and play more like a local (use public transports, opt for affordable eateries instead of heading to pricey restaurants) to save more from your budget.

01- Greece

best places to travel in a budget

Greece has its ancient culture, beautiful beaches, plush restaurants, comfortable accommodations, and so much more to offer. Santorini and Athens are the most recommended islands to visit, whereas those who love a bit of solitude and privacy, there is the less hyped Sifnos for you.

02- Fiji Islands

best places to travel in a budget

There are numerous luxury resorts with the quintessential Fiji flair to match your budget. And those who’re wanting to explore more can book an island and latch onto the opportunity of enjoying sky diving, dirt biking, river rafting, trekking, scuba diving and much more with a loved one by your side. Whatever you choose to zero on, it’s definitely worth spending your buck on.

03- Maldives

best places to travel in a budget

Maldives is a class apart from what most visitors to beach destinations experience! This beautiful island has remained true to its cultural and historic roots; yet, it has added a nice dash of adventure and romantic surroundings that attract the newlyweds especially.

04- Mauritius

best places to travel in a budget

The breathtaking scenery, colourful coastline, warm hospitality and adventure pleasures will reward you for your decision to choose Mauritius for your next holiday. Out of all the places to visit, the Grand Bay and Pereybère are meant for meandering. There are a number of go-to points for shopping excursions, dining and clubbing. Apart from all that, you must even visit the old-world Balaclava Ruins to discover its antiquity.

05- Eastern Europe

best places to travel in a budget

Picture Courtesy : Visions & Vistas Photography

A Euro trip is a dream list of most of the people, but did you know you can live your dream in less than Rs 2 lakh for a couple? Explore destinations like Vienna, Prague and Budapest by taking a tour of Eastern Europe. And if you think this is just like any other backpacking trip on budget, it’s not. You can stay in budget properties and enjoy meals in regular eateries without having to penny-pinch.

06- Paris

best places to travel in a budget

When in Paris, don’t miss ut on sightseeing monuments like the Alexander Bridge, Arc de Triomphe, Opera House, Versailles Palace and its main attraction, the Eifel Tower. Also, enjoy the tempting local food at local cafes and don’t forget to buy souvenirs of this lovely trip. Due to the terror attacks, air fares to Paris and cost of accommodation in the city has fallen quite drastically and therefore, you can plan your trip to Paris much more easily and afford-ably!

07- Philippines

best places to travel in a budget

Philippines is a nation packed to the brim with a host of islands, each of them with tasteful offerings. Visit this place for its food, fiestas, scuba diving, kite boarding, cliff diving, surfing and windsurfing all the while exploring the most beautiful marine life.

08- Cambodia

best places to travel in a budget

Cambodia transmits spiritual vibes owing to the presence of UNESCO World Heritage site Angkor Wat temple in its heart. Dine at the Siem Reap restaurant Marum, which trains the local and destitute youth to become chefs, and you’ll be able to earn some good karma side by side. In addition, Cambodia’s picturesque views will also get you a lot of Instagram-worthy clicks.

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