From Embellished Chains To Real-Flower Belts: 5 Things To Clinch That Waist In Style

Wearing kamarband is highly trendy and customary essential at some occasions in Indian functions. The trend of wearing kamarbands is immensely stylish and it gives an added appeal to the whole attire. Kamarband can be carried along with sari, lehenga, fish lehenga and many other casual outfits with the modern waist belts as they are called now. All the best women’s wear designer in Delhi will give you the most amazing inspiration for outfits! Traditionally kamarband has various designs and styles to wear on the waist side, but we have got you a curated list of the best of the best!

Have a look at these lovely kamarbandh styles:

*Zardozi Belt*

beautiful kamarbandh

amazing ideas for kamarbandh

kamarbandh with anarkali

The zardozi belt styled kamarbandh lends a certain kind of royalty to the outfit it is paired up with and enhances the look of the outfit as well. It doesn’t blend with the dupatta but is clearly visible as a contrasting accessory on the outfit. And that is the real charm of the zardozi belt styled kamarbandh, ladies try this one out with your lehengas and your outfit is going to a get an amazing add on to its overall appeal.

*Jeweled Kamarbandh*

stylish kamarbandh

The jeweled styled kamarbandhs are what you need to turn around a completely light outfit into the talk-of-the-town! Trust us ladies, this one is going to give a complete makeover to your outfits. The jeweled kamarbandhs have stones or pearls attached together in a pattern that it looks more of a jewelry design but when put together in the waist-belt, it has a charm of its own!

*Traditional Kamarbandh*

pretty kamarbandh

The traditionally-styled kamarbandh’s are a little heavily designed with fuller patterns. The whole of the kamarbandh’s frontal half has heavy work done on it and the traditional kamarbandh’s suit well with heavy Indian-ized outfits like silk saree’s.

*Belly-Chain Kamarbandh*

beautiful waistbelts

stylish waistbelt

The belly-chain kamarbandh has a delicate look and is designed like a thin belly chain. This gives a very elegant touch to your overall attire while enhancing its look at the same time. The belly-chain style of kamarbandh is preferred with outfits that have an overall delicate appeal to them and is the best to carry when you want a light but elegant look!

*Floral Kamarbandh*

floral jewellery

Floral jewelry is not limited to just earrings and the maang tikka’s! These days the trend of going floral is really catching on, and there are some amazing floral-jeweled creations, like the floral kamarbandh. The floral kamarbandh gives a really pretty look to your mehendi outfit and is an amazing accessory to pair up with your mehendi attire. Brides take a note of this one! The most amazing wedding outfit ideas for all brides are quite in trend and you need to check them out!


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