The Most Trending Wedding Accessories For Men In 2017!

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Of course, folks around will tell you that accessorizing is for the bride and other women attending the big day, but bridal accessories for the groom and his guys are equally essential to look notable on the nuptials. The wedding day is no place for the average work adornments and the guys must reflect nothing less than a regal flair of the style. The top menswear designer labels in Delhi give out the most awesome and fashionable outfits. From snapping up the most perfect pair of shoes to the dress studs to stylized cuff-links and blingy necklaces, all the retrofits must be in place before the special day. So, let’s find out what are the quintessential pieces of embellishments that can enhance the look of any Indian man for the function day.

P.S. Just don’t go over-the-top with the accessories you decide you wear as nobody would want to get clicked with a Christmas tree!

Beaded Necklaces

grooms accessories



You can choose to flaunt a long gold chain or a beaded neck-wear that will accord a finishing touch to your wedding-day kurta or sherwani and give an elegant minutia to it.

Studded Brooch, Rose Boutonniere And Textured Ties

trending wedding accessory for men

wedding accessory for men


If you plan to go ethnic on the D-day, get a brooch that matches the style of your outfit. Studded and Swarovski studded broochs are the most trending accessories for men of the season and they are germane for giving that perfect wedding inspiration. Silver clips, Textured heather ties and rose boutonnieres are extremely high-on-class for perfecting the formal wedding look. Bolo ties for men are another must-haves for the nuptials.

Personalized Mojris And Shoes

trending wedding accessory for men


wedding accessory for men


Essentially Rajasthani in origin, but are one of the massively desirable accessories chosen for the ceremonial period. They’re comfortable, modish and go well with almost all the Indian-ized ensembles. Getting a sophisticated pair of shoes matching to your neck-wear is the most important thing when planning to look westbound on the big day. You can even get them customized according to your preferences and the festive occasion!

Fancy Cuff-Links

trending wedding accessory for men


Want to give that oomph factor to your outfit?

Well, cuff-links are the major style statement of the period. They give that high-on-class look and feel to the entire attire and make you stand-out from others. You can wear cuff-links made up of precious and semi-precious stones, crystals and other embellishments, on the basis of your personal predilections.

High-Toned Turbans

wedding accessory for men



The color of your wedding day turban must complement the color of your outfit. It should either be similar or in contrast to the color of the attire.

Also, you can add some exclusive embellishments to your turban to give it a chic look. Swarovski studded broochs and feathers can give an exclusive yet elegant touch to the wedding day head-wear for men.

Patterned Pocket Folds

wedding accessory for men

wedding accessory for men

A fashionably folded cloth piece in the upper pocket of your suit, preferably in silk, can give you a perfect look for the D-day. Patterned or printed cloth squares and folds, in contrast with the color of the attire are yet other fabric designs that are trending big time in these days.

Kicky Bracelets And Wrist-Watch Designs

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Wrist-watches the MUST haves for the season and status watches can you apart from the rest of the crows attending the wedding function. Not just that, they’re the most perfect accessory to get all the eyeballs glancing you and your attire!

On the other side, as watches are to suits, bracelets are to the outfits blended with the ethnic essence. They not only complement with the attire but also add that much-needed poise to it.

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There you have it- a list of perfect adornments for the men out there. Whether it’s your wedding day or you plan to attend the wedding of a close friend or relative, these adornments will complete your look like nothing else.

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