The Ultimate Trousseau Checklist For Every Contemporary Indian Bride!

The word “bridal trousseau” is one pretty French word that waltzes into a bride’s vocabulary as soon as she gets engaged. It’s not just a bunch of sarees and jewellery, it’s much more complicated than that. In the olden days, coy young brides were expected to bring in a whole lot of things that she didn’t have the courage to ask her new in-laws. The best trousseau packers in Delhi are known to do an amazing work in designing and packing bridal trousseau. 

trousseau list for all the brides

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Today, the bridal trousseau has evolved just like the modern Indian bride. Yet, the trousseau checklist hasn’t gone anywhere. Here, we have put together a smart guide to help you navigate your way through it and to assist you in shopping for the right things. Read on to find the modern version of the Trousseau checklist for the contemporary Indian bride!

  1. Fancy Lingerie

This one is a given. As a newly-wed bride, you’ll want to feel your sexy best! So pack in satin panties and lacy bras! Wink, Wink! With that said, don’t forget to throw in ample cotton tshirt bras and full coverage underwear to look immaculate always.

  1. Sarees in different Styles

trousseau list for all the brides

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Sarees still occupy a significant place in your trousseau. Make sure you include different varieties that cover the entire spectrum from light weight ones to heavily embroidered saris. When choosing blouses, see that you design a few that go in with different types of saris. This saves you not only space but also your sanity.

  1. Your Makeup Essentials

Stock up on your regular makeup essentials from your favourite lipsticks to eye shadows. It’s a good idea to put together a vanity box with all that you need. Don’t forget to include all your favourite perfumes too.

  1. Footwear

trousseau list for all the brides

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Grab a few pieces of footwear that go well with both Indian and Western wear. While your pumps and stilettos are ideal for parties, throw in a pair of ethnic sandals for all those times when you’ll be out on your feet, meeting with your new family.

  1. Clutches & Handbags


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Carry a mix of sparkly ornate evening clutches, potlis, box clutches, purses apart from a couple of handbags in different sizes.

  1. Nightwear

Spend on some fancy delicate chemises and negligees to make the first few nights of your marriage racy and exciting. Don’t forget to include comfortable cotton night pants and tops. Even a few basic shorts and t-shirts will do.

  1. Modern Ethnic Wear

trousseau list for all the brides

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Apart from your saris, you will need to pack a lot of salwar suits, kurtas and kurtis, embroidered Anarkali and ethnic skirts for those days when you have to step out in a jiffy.

  1. Simple Jewellery

Apart from all your traditional gold jewels, you’ll need to include some funky modern pieces. Bracelets, necklaces, statement earrings, and rings are sure to elevate your outfits.

  1. Western Wear

Pack some elegant dresses, pants and stylish tops for your regular wear. Shop for these a bit ahead when you see them on sale. This way you can get a bit more for the same price.

  1. A Family Heirloom

trousseau list for all the brides

Image Courtesy: FNP Flagship, Trousseau packers

This one’s purely for sentimental reasons. Pick one piece that’s close to your heart and is sure to remind you of your cherished parental home forever. Go ahead and fill up on your bridal trousseau using this checklist.

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