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Ultimate Bride’s guide to having an Aww-some Bachelorette Party

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The pre-wedding madness is real and way too much when it comes to a Bride-to-be. While it could be extra-overwhelming for you as a bride, keeping calm is more important for you.  And TBH! Bachelorette Parties can be an escape in disguise from the stress and craziness during your wedding period.

You must be wondering how you can have an unforgettable experience at your own pre-wedding bash? Worry not, Senorita!

Here are some Classy Bachelorette Party tips:

1.        Have your bachelorette at least a week or two before the wedding

While there hasn’t been an all-female starrer Hangover yet, let’s try keeping it that way IRL. Unless you want to be hungover escorted by a bad headache during your wedding ceremony! From drinking too much to dancing the night away, you will definitely be dead tired to smile for the photographs, let alone the blinding flash of cameras your eyes will have to endure.

Therefore, it’s better to have your bachelorette party and your wedding weekend as two separate events.

2.      Confirm who will be partying with you

bachelorette party temporary tattoos

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A bachelorette can be fun or not since it majorly relies on a Bride’s tribe. You will have to be super precise about your guests. Choose who comprises of your special squad. Have a talk with your girlfriends. Then come to a decision of choosing a date that most of your squad is comfortable with. While you are at it, don’t be tensed who is going to come and who won’t.  Your best friends and favourite sisters won’t miss it for the world!

3.       Set a budget and theme almost a month before the party ( if you have decided to be the hostess)


Planning a themed bachelorette can be tedious but not impossible. All you have got to think about is the theme of the party and the money you will be spending for the event.

Is it going to be a Breakfast at Tiffany’s theme, a 1920’s Great Gatsby inspired party or a Mean Girls/Victoria Secret styled slumber party?  Choose the theme which you will be comfortable with and then shop for the dresses and props accordingly.

Have a look at these cool party themes for quick inspo!

Breakfast at Tiffany's party turquoise theme

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Great Gatsby party Theme inspiration

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Pink Bachelorette and All girls party theme

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4.      Be clear about your wants and dislike

Talk it out


It’s absolutely fine if you are not enthusiastic about having a stripper dancing in front of you. Don’t hesitate to convey that to your girl friends. Chances are your girls might have some plan for you that they think will be fun, but could make your cheeks go red, from an unanticipated discomfort. Even though everyone is there to have a gala time, do remember you are the star to be celebrated.

Also, you can ditch the clichéd bachelorette themes and go for, for example, a day spa-rty or maybe a trip to the nearest vineyards.

For more bachelorette themes, click here!


5.      Have a talk with your fiancé beforehand

Have a talk with your Fiance

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This is important! It’s better to have a discussion with your soon-to-be-husband about the party. Share details about the party- venue, time, where you will be staying at, and the contact details of at least two of the guests, in case of emergency. Discuss what is acceptable and unacceptable according to your partner’s comfort. No! Don’t mistake it for planning the entire event according to someone else’s whims. As I said earlier, IT IS YOUR BACHELORETTE!

6.      Buy some gifts for the guests

Your bridesmaids and friends have probably spent weeks or even months planning the unforgettable pre-wedding party for you. It will be a thoughtful gesture to bring some gift for each of the girls. It can be big or small, as per your budget and choices, but it will surely get you that one extra hug from everyone at the end of the party. You can also send Thank You cards to the awesome ladies for making your pre-wedding bash a hit.

Chose gifts for your friends as thanking gesture

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7.      Don’t become a Bridezilla

Don't be a bridezilla

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Just because things didn’t go the way you had imagined, you don’t have to become an Angry Young Woman.

Be considerate of your bridesmaids who put their hearts and souls while planning this party for you. Cherish the time and be happy that your friends and (or) sisters were there to have a blast with you one last time before you get hitched.

8.      Most importantly, have loads of fun!

Girls just wanna have fun!

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Having a wedding will put you under crazy overwhelming moments, but this doesn’t mean you should let the wedding-stress get the best of your mood.  Leave every worry behind for some hours, have a drink or two or maybe ten! Click as many pics as you like!Who is gonna stop you? No one, babe!

So, let your hair loose and enjoy the time to the fullest, for the night will be young and full of surprises!


Did we miss out on something? Do let us know in the comment section below!

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