Unique Bachelorette Party Ideas To Sign Off Your Single Life With A Twist!

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The number one goal of the bachelorette party is? Too have as much fun as possible. So, Girls it’s time to think outside the box and celebrate the end of your bachelor-hood in a way which would be remembered forever-n-ever!

So, here are a few bachelorette party ideas which are different from the usual clichéd girly getaways, and definitely different than going to Goa with your bridal squad! Check these out, have a super-amazing bachelorette and may be thank us later! 😉

An Over-Night Party

bachelorette party ideas

If you can’t go out of the city, then why not party the whole night long with your girlies. Book a hotel room in your budget and drink your way to glory (pun intended). This eliminates all the drink and drive hassles and the safety concerns of your girl squad, and leaves you with one thing to do – PARTY!

“Naughty” Bachelorette Party

best bachelorette party ideas

#1 theme for Bachelorette Parties has always been the embarrassing (and hilarious) naughty theme bachelorette party! This wild bachelorette party theme will make the Bride blush for years and her besties to roar with laughter. Also it is the easiest theme to shop for, as the traditional favorite, pecker shaped items in shades of hot pink are everywhere!

Game Time

fun bachelorette party ideas

Why should guys have all the fun? Spend the whole time playing drinking games with your girlies, everything from beer pong to flip cup to beer bongs! All you need is a lot of cups, a lot of alcohol and a lot of devious ideas together to get going a party packed with inebriated fun that no one will remember what happened when they wake up!

Haunted Party

crazy bachelorette party ideas

For the adventurous bridal squad, this is it! Plan a haunted trip to a destination like Bhangarh with your bridesmaids and explore the freaky areas with fun.

Spa Date With Your Bestie

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If you are just looking forward to doing a relaxing thing then why not take the entire group along! Plan a fun spa date and chill the whole time with your besties.

For The Nature Lovers

bachelorette party ideas

For the brides who love the great outdoors, consider a back-to-nature bachelorette party. Plan a nature exploring trip including all the fun stuff like camping, trekking, some adventure sports to do with your gang of girls! P.S: remember to bring toilet paper.

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