Kickstart Your Wedding Festivities With These Amazing Invitation Ideas !

Receiving hand-addressed beautiful invitation cards is truly special in a world where our phones are buzzing non-stop, emails constantly pouring in, and e-invites crowding our notifications. Receiving a personal invitation makes the person feel special and to make it even more special we have got you a list of some of the most impressive and unique invitation ideas!

  1. Chessboard Invitation

wedding invitation ideas


Picture by – Varda Designer Invitation

This Invitation is a keeper!  An impressive as well as engrossing style of invitation, the Chessboard Invite is sure to make your guests go ‘gaga’ over it. The chessboard compartment can accommodate all your leaflets for the various functions as well as the small giveaways to be given with it. Ludo, Tic-tac-toe, snakes and Ladders are other variations on this invitation.

  1. Goodie Basket Invitation

wedding invitation ideas

Picture by – Extra’s Wedding n More

Why print an invitation separately and give it with the goodies when you can have it printed on the goodies! A goodie basket invitation has all your selected range of goodies with the invitations printed upon them.

  1. Scroll Invitation

trending wedding invitation ideas

Picture by – Let’s wed you good – Royal paper traders

To depict the royalty inside you this is the ideal invitation! A scroll with your message printed on it gives the whole invitation a very royal and elegant look. An extremely creative and unique idea, the scroll is for those who are looking to get their invitations made differently.

  1. The Black and the Bold

amazing wedding invitation ideas

Picture by – Turmeric Ink Invitations and Stationary

This is as stylish as it can get. The Invitation printed on a black thick sheet with your message written in bronze or golden! Suitable for many occasions like a bachelor party, or a guy’s birthday, or a bachelorette party for the bride-to-be and many more, this is one of the most unique invitation ideas out of the lot.

  1. Open Bag Invitation

trending wedding invitation ideas

Picture by – Shalini Malhotra Invitation

A super cute invitation style, this has an open bag with the invitation and the giveaways kept in it. You can also enhance the beauty of these invitation cards by adding fresh flowers in it.

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