We’ve Got You Some Most Fun & Beautiful Photo Ideas For Your Haldi Function

When it comes to weddings, we know that mehendi function takes on a lot of attention of the guests as it’s pretty and happy day for all. The Best photographers in Delhi will make sure you get the bets moments captured in all your functions. But let me tell you that haldi is that one function which is much much closer to the wedding day, hence, the emotions are a lot and then there’s a lot of yellow involved so the pictures, combined with the emotions come out to be great! Haldi functions can be turned around and made fun. Everyone is in a fun mood putting haldi to the bride or the groom. There are so many amazing way in which you can get your pictures clicked and frame them for the rest of your lives. With your parents, friends, BFFs, pets, etc. anything fun and festive will make a good picture. So we thought of putting together some of the cutest haldi photos I’ve spotted off lately on  weddings and trust me they’re the cutest.

The One With The Flower Shower

best photography shots

This capture is definitely my favorite. Candid shots are the best ones, we all know that, you just need to gather your sisters and bffs around and play with flowers after you haldi ceremony.

The One With Your Daddy The Greatest

best haldi pictures

This needs to framed. He’ll always be your best man for the rest of your life and this picture depicts just right about that.

The One With Your Bridesmaids

best ideas for haldi pictures

Well, what would yo do without them! God, the amount of fun and love they bring into our lives when all the stress of wedding preparations is there upon the  bride. You need to pamper them as well just the right amount and a lovely picture of the bride along with her bridesmaids is a must.

Customized Haldi Badges

best ideas for haldi pictures

These fun haldi badges are great. We’ve seen some in the wedding function, mehendi functions but haldi is something new. I recommend that you should use this ideas and make you haldi more fun and quirky.

Candid Shots Are The Best

best ideas for haldi pictures

Playful yet beautiful. Your top most photographer in Delhi will make sure you get these amazing shots in which he captures the best moments of your day!

The Kaleera Drop

best haldi pictures

It’s the most fun thing to do in your haldi. Gather all your friends and brothers and sisters who are unmarried and this moment will be captured by your top professional photographer in Delhi.

Water Being Poured

fun ideas for haldi pictures

Most beautiful picture of the bride while the haldi ceremony.

The One With The Gang

fun ideas for haldi pictures

This one with your gang has to the quirkiest one of the lot. Your besties is the fun factor in your wedding and show them how much you love them.

So did you get that checklist down right?

Picture Courtesy: Pinterest



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