Top 7 Decor ideas For A Glam And Gorgeous Wedding Setup

Since you are not a wedding pro, getting your wedding decoration ideas sorted is going to be a huge task.  And obviously you want your guests to we wowed by your decoration theme, choice and color, so it can’t be the case of just some candles hanging in jars.  So here we are to your rescue with some of the most beautiful and amazing décor ideas that we just can’t stop talking about. Check out our posts below, simply select the one you like and get your wedding preparations rolling!



  1. Side Open Draped Tent with sitting 


decor ideas for a gorgeous wedding

Credits : The Event Yarn

The elegant white setup kinda gets a fun twist with the draped ceiling. And if swoon over all things vintage, than these Centerpieces with candles are just your thing! To add more beauty to the setup hanging candles in small jars over the centerpieces can be added.

  1. The Beach Décor 

best decor ideasbeautiful decor idaes

Credits :–  Panodrama Events

Every beach is a blank canvas for designing something beautiful and that’s why we love the sandy wedding setups. The beauty of the beach takes the center stage in this design and shades of white paired up with light colors give it an even more elegant look. Along with all that, the less flowery creepers on the entrance and the hanging lanterns will give your destination wedding a perfect opening.


  1. The Grand Setup 



Indian wedding decor ideas Indian wedding decor ideas

Credits :  Designer events Inc

If you are a fan of celebrating in Grand style then this is the perfect décor style for you. The grand entrance with a canopy, huge dinner setup and the royal stage are all just the right match for those who wish for a larger-than-life setup for their D-Day!

  1. Illuminated Décor 

Indian wedding decor ideas

Credits :– Design My Wedding

On your special day you are lit up with joy inside, so why not lighten up the entire set-up? This beautiful design by Design My Wedding features the tables that are lit up from inside along with candles and beautiful flowery centerpieces.

  1. Open drape Mandap Décor 

wedding decor ideas

Credits :–  Waamos Events

This style of décor provides an open view in the beautiful night and gives the guests a peek of the starry sky. For the oh-so-romantic couples this is the ideal setup to get hitched.

  1. The Flower Bonanza 

beautiful wedding decor fun wedding decor


Credits :  Dream Décor Studio

This pretty setup involves flowers everywhere. A flowery display and a gallery decorated with flowers gives your décor a fresh and beautiful look.

7.Wintery Entrance 

gorgeous wedding decor

Credits : Shaadi Planners 

No we are not referring to The Game of Thrones Fans here! This white display done with flowers and lights gives your venue entrance a nice wintery look and the flower displays on the sides it enhance the look further.

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