Wedding Through The Eyes Of The Father

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We all know how emotional a wedding can be for the entire family but a father-daughter relationship is the most delicate and subtle one of all. A father’s influence in his daughter’s life shapes her self-esteem, self-image, confidence and opinions about men. There are so many emotions and stuff that wedding preparations in Delhi require. 

Well if you’ve seen the charming family movie Father Of The Bride depicting the warmth and humor and you saw your father leaving the room that’s because it struck his emotional cord perfectly. A wedding through the eyes of the father is hands down the most powerful and heart-rending experience one can know. A father is the backbone of the family and specially his daughter. Protecting her from everything and anything, pampering her always and being overly possessive about her. He might show how strong he is everytime but the moment it comes on his daughter he is fiercely emotional and fragile. Mothers, sisters and brothers are still very vocal about their feelings but father is the one who is a little reserved and don’t show his emotions very easily. So it becomes a bit difficult to know what exactly he’s going through inside. That turmoil of emotions is a little hard to catch. Wedding emotions are covered best in pictures! 

When the D-day comes he’s probably the most sensitive one in the family. To face his daughter’s impending marriage hits a little to hard to him always. The thought of his little daughter getting married to some guy and leaving his house forever doesn’t really go well with him until he meets the man of her dreams. But he will always be the first man you loved!

father daughter relationship

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From the cuisines of every function to the guest list to hassling with all the vendors and looking after all the other arrangements, he’s on it 24/7. He might not be very aggressively active in your bridal outfits shopping or jewelry but back in his head he’s always keeping a tab about your things and whatever you need in the hour. He might not even care much about his outfits, what he’s gonna wear in functions until you actually push him enough to think about it. But behind all the energy and excitement he shows throughout, he’ll never show his nervousness and that bitter-sweet feeling of you moving out of the house and moving on with your life. Today a bride, tomorrow a wife but you’ll always be his little girl. And that’s a beauty of this relationship. From the day you decided to get married till the day you leave the house, the kind of emotions the father goes through is inexplicable.

father daughter relationship

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The lyrics of a song by this famous singer Brianna Haynes perfectly depicts a father’s place in your life;

From the start you were first

He love you at your worst

He’ll do anything, a father

He shows you what love is

Saw your dreams before you did

He’ll give everything, like your souls desire 

No one can ever take his place and no one should. A father-daughter relationship is the cutest and most loved one. So when you’re busy with all those wedding arrangements just in the middle of it think about your wedding through the eyes of your father and out of the blue, go and hug him tightly and tell him how much he means to you as well and no matter what you will always be his little one.


Feature Image Taken From : Shutter Down Photography, Pinterest 


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