The Newest, Coolest, Most Special Ways To Invite Your Guests

Unique wedding invitations Indian give festive and jubilant vibes to your guests and kinsfolk. So, make sure that you plan the most creative wedding invitations and make them as special as you can. We’re giving you some of the most interactive and unique Indian wedding card ideas that you can use for your big days. It’ll not only get you interested in the wedding planning process but will also keep your guests excited and enticed to attend your function day. So, go ahead and have a look at what we’ve got for you!

A cartoon style wedding invite…..

fun and beautiful wedding invitations

This one actually looks like you drew it- it’s a super cute way of inviting your guests!

Wedding Invitations with blow-me-up balloons…..

best wedding invitations

The idea is to make your near-and-dear-ones read the wedding invitation by blowing up the balloon attached with the card. Till the time they won’t blow this balloon, they won’t be able to read the details. This is the most creative and newest invitation style, we’ve come across! <3

View the Invitation with a viewmaster…..

best wedding invites


How cool does that look? Your guests will have to use the viewmaster to see the wedding message hidden inside it.

Wedding Invitations that turn into a plane…..


fun and beautiful wedding invitations

beautiful wedding invitations

This funky and cool wedding card becomes a plane. Also, the font and colors have been done so perfectly to give it a proper plane look. It’s perfect to invite your loved ones for a big fat destination wedding function.

A *tippy tippy tap* style invitation card…..

fun wedding invites

Do you remember playing this in your childhood years? Well, most of you would. You can incorporate this cute childhood game into a wedding card idea to keep your guests enticed.

Wedding invite or a board game box ?

festive wedding invitations

Well, it serves both purposes. Play the game and also read the wedding details! 😀

Complete the puzzle to get the invitation message…..

fun and beautiful wedding invitations

This is a smart and amazing way to make your guests read the wedding details. They will have to join the pieces and complete the puzzle to get the message.

Wedding Invite with 3D glases…..

beautiful wedding invitations

The text is imprinted on the card paper which cannot be read without the 3D glasses. So, your guests will have to put those glasses on to go through the wedding details. Super cool, super interactive and super quirky, isn’t it?

Decorative birdcages can be used as invitation card and chocolate holders…..

fun and beautiful wedding invitations

fun and quirky wedding invitations

Birdcages have always been synonymous with creative stuff for weddings. You can use these fancy cage boxes for holding the invite cards, chocolates

Wedding Invites with colorful caricatures and comic strips…..

fun wedding invitations

fun wedding invitation ideas

Colorful caricatures and printed drawings look fabulous on wedding invitations cards. It’s a funky and trendy way of asking your kinsfolk to become a part of your big celebration day!

Quirky Invites for destination weddings…..

fun and beautiful wedding invitations

To invite your guests to your wedding venue, you can come up with fun and attractive cards that are made keeping the essence of destination wedding in mind. You can get your cards made in a map form with airplane motifs or something of a similar sort.

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