How Well Do You Know Your Best Friend? *Find It Out*

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You think you know each other the best? PROVE IT!

Take this ultimate friendship test and find out how strong your friendship bond is with your best-friend. Giving you a list of 30 questions that you MUST ask each other and find out who answers more correctly and knows the other person better. Check everything that you know about your BFF!

So, are you ready?

Let’s GO!!

  • Their first phone number, by heart.
  • Name of their First ever crush.
  • Who is their current crush (in case they’re single)?
  • What kind of wedding they want?
  • At what time of the day they were born?
  • Both of their parents’ first name.
  • The last time they slept with somebody 😛
  • Their shoe size.
  • Their shirt/dress size.
  • Their biggest pet peeve.
  • Their favorite book.
  • Their favorite cuisine.
  • Their least favorite food delicacy.
  • Their zodiac sign.
  • Their celebrity crush.
  • Their plan for coming five-years.
  • Their dream profession.
  • Their most embarrassing moment.
  • Their most awkward sexual encounter.
  • Their Facebook password. 😀
  • Their all time favorite movie.
  • How much money is in their bank account?
  • Their favorite alcoholic drink.
  • How many drinks they can have before getting drunk?
  • What they want to name their first kid?
  • What makes them go mad?
  • Their favorite clothing brand.
  • Which one of your other friends they secretly find annoying?
  • All of their allergies.
  • How many people they’ve made out with? 😉
  • What makes them feel better in a bad situation?


So, what are you waiting for?? Go ahead and ask these to your best of the friends and figure out how well they know you! Also, answer the same questions in return so that even they know how well do you know them!! ^_^




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