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Why Drone Pre-Wedding Photo Shoots Are Trending This Year?

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Drone prewedding photoshoots are a new rage this wedding season! And, in their quest to find unique ideas for a romantic pre-wedding shoot, couples these days have started opting for a drone photography session! We think drone shots, with their compelling aerial views, have rightly made their way into the wedding trends this year! And, if you are a couple who is planning to go the extra mile, or let’s say, planning to make your pre-wedding shoot touch the new and unparalleled heights, we bet, drone photography can be the right choice for you! Not only would it help you have a series of oh-so-romantic pictures but will add a unique touch while narrating your love story! But, besides the fact that the final pictures of your photoshoot will undeniably turn out to be dreamlike, there are many a great reason why drone photography could be the best option for you! Let’s get to know what are they!

1. You can skip a tedious makeup routine!

Yes! Since the shots are taken from a high altitude, you won’t have to worry about getting your make up done right! Needless to say, if you want to, you can easily skip going for a heavy makeup session!


2. You can leave the outfit woes behind in a drone prewedding shoot!

While the traditional prewedding photoshoot means, a couple’s outfits should always be on point, with all the flowing-effects of frills and dupattas to get that perfect shot; in a drone photoshoot, this won’t be a thing to worry about at all! Even the simplest outfit choice can do the deed if the colour contrasting of your and your partner clothes is done correctly and according to the background in which you are going to get clicked!


3. Say bye-bye to cliched poses!

Tired of seeing those overly done and cliched couple poses all over the internet? Yeah, so are we! Well, with drone photography, you will have many ways to create that perfect romantic shot with your beau. With it being a new and unique trend in the realm of prewedding photography, the soon-to-be-married couples can make the most out of a drone pre-wedding photo session without having to make peace with the poses that are so 2015!


4. It can be done anywhere!

Normally, couples have to find the best prewedding shoot locations in the city they live in, a drone photoshoot can be done without even booking any specific location! Just head to the best spots in your city, and voila! A beautiful romantic shot will be yours that speaks of your own love story!

What’s so great about drone photography? Due to its size, a drone can fly into an area that’s not easily accessible to reach. From flying only a few feet off the ground to over a hundred in the air, it gives a professional photographer plenty of versatile options to get that perfect shot for a picture!


5. It’s a big time saver.

Yes, if you aren’t planning to spend hours to get your pre-wedding shoot done, drone photography can be your best friend as it will save a lot of time and energy! You won’t have to give retakes or repose just to get that beautiful closeup, ’cause drone photography doesn’t do close-ups. You can be done in 5 minutes and be good to go if you plan on having an aerial pre-wedding photoshoot done!


Well, these were the five major benefits of drone prewedding photoshoot, here are some outstanding aerial shots of couples who planned to give a unique twist to their romantic pre-wedding photo session!


Image Via: Shutter Down Photography


Image via Eric Ronald Photo



Image Via Pinterest


Image Via Studio Kelly Photography 


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Image Via Pinterest


Image Via  whatknotin 


Image Via  whatknotin 


Epic Drone Photography by Anoop.Photography. Specialised in Pre-wedding photography in Thailand

Image Via Pinterest


A serene pre-wedding shoot of Anisha and Rohan in Kerala by Knotty Affair. Photo Courtesy - @knottyaffair.in bt Namit & Vipul (Mumbai) #preweddingphotography #weddingphotography #prewedding #photography #photographer #photoshoot #wedding #weddingsutra #couple #briidetobe #bride #bridalphotography #drone #droneshot #topview #forest #inlove #coupleportrait #gorgeous #loveit #share #groom #weddingbells #weddinginspiration #weddinginspo #cannou #lake #boat

Image Via Pinterest


Image Via whatknotin 


Image Via Pinterest


Image Via Pinterest


This gorgeous drone pre-wedding shot by Navin Varma Photography has all our heart! #photography #weddingphotography #prewedding #preweddingphotography #photoshoot #wedding #weddingsutra #drone #sky #topview #photographer #weddingphotographer #weddinginspiration #inlove #couplegoals #couple #skyview #topshot #sotd #picoftheday #water #river #lake #inspiration #goals #mumbaiphotographer #droneshot

Image Via Pinterest


Well, we are loving each one of these aerial prewedding shots! How about you? Let us know in the comment section below!


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