Why Is It Important To Hire A Location For Pre-Wedding Shoot?

TBH, couples do not give much importance to hiring a picturesque location for their pre-wedding photography. For sure, they want pleasing portraits and amazing settings in their pre-wedding shots, but without having a proper shoot location by their side. Probably people still expect the photographer to set everything for them, even the unpaid outdoor locations, without realising the difficulties that come along with finding locations outside.

And trust us guys, not having a proper shoot location doesn’t not only increase your chances of getting not-so-good portraits but also fades away your dreams of holding onto those beautiful memories for a lifetime. In order to avoid such hassles and disappointments, you must hire a good location to give your pre-wedding photography the perfection that it needs.couple beside pool

couple with graffiti background

So, to make your pre-wedding shoot experience an absolute pleasure, we’ve got you an amazing photoshoot location. You can book this location (after checking the date and time availability) for any sort of shoot including fun couple shoots, pre-wedding shoot, maternity photography, shoot with bridesmaids and groomsmen and more.

Advantages? Hiring a location makes the shoot more comfortable and easy to do, one gets proper privacy, changing rooms for taking different getups and a large variety of beautiful background settings to choose from. One such location that is acquainted with all the cute and funky props, dainty backdrops and alluring settings is Location For You.

Added advantages of choosing this photoshoot location:

  1. There are 30 plus setups to choose from.
  2. Pretty much affordable as they offer various packages and you can choose the one that falls into your budget and requirement list. 
  3. Picturesque setups.
  4. A proper shooting environment.
  5. Bundles of props to choose from.
  6. Apart from having really really beautiful setups, this place has three very big locations that includes the brick factory, khets (DDLJ wale sarso k khet, Namaste London wale khet with proper bullet and more props) and forest kind of area for romantic, intimate shoots. All these are perfect for capturing videos, helicams and landscape shots for any occasion!
  7. The setups are quite big and camera can be easily rotated in the vast expanse of area giving spectacular shots.
  8. Location For You gives a lot of emphasis to greenery, this is why the location is lush green with a variety of plants and flowers to add the natural touch. You can see that in their shoot pictures give below. Also, the use of fun and colourful backdrops cannot be outlooked.

forest pre wedding shoot

couple in farm

couple against wall

couple with scooter and balloon

romantic pre wedding shoot

graffiti for pre wedding shoot background

maternity shoot

couple on cyclecouple with garamaphone

couple with yellow background

As the wedding season is approaching, Location For You is planning to come up with more really big new setups super soon, few of them will be launched by august end and the rest will be coming up in sept and oct of this year.

So, incase you’re planning your pre-wedding shoot or any other shoot and have not booked your location yet, then do it before you run out of time and don’t get availability for the dates on which you want to plan your shoot. And yes, after all that do thank us later! 😛

Find the contact details below to hire the photoshoot location with Location For You or to know about their packages and services.

Contact Details:

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/locationforyou_/

 Call: 09899331701

More Info:

“Location For You is a mix of indoor and outdoor photography location. It has been designed to meet the requirements of all kind of photo shoots (fashion, commercial, brand, maternity, baby, pre wedding etc.) and is suitable for both video and still shoots. The main highlights of the location are :

– Location Area : Over 30000 sq. ft. (Indoor as well outdoor)
– Air conditioned Makeup and Changing Room
– Around 50 backdrops all with different theme’s (Spanish, Korean, Fireplace, Graffiti to name a few)
– Over 200 Props ( Antique furniture, modern furniture, swing, console, gramophone, guitar, records, cages etc)

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