Workplace Friendship Turned Love: A Bond Booked Forever!

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“Dance through life with me, the best is yet to be”❤- Gaurav Lamba (the groom)

Love is a feeling unexpected, a mystery remained unsolved, a fairytale unfinished. When the first time destiny crossed the paths of Neha and Gaurav at Ebookers they wouldn’t have imagined that 7 years, 7 months and 7 days beyond they will be tying the knot. Theirs is not a usual love story with love at first sight, this plot has twists and tragedy and all things dramatic, a story that can beat any bollywood script; but when love finds its way it blooms and that is exactly where this Delhi based couple’s story was headed.

The Charismatic Couple- Neha Verma & Gaurav Lamba

It is not everyday that you fall in love, but once you do you cherish it for life and beyond. 5th October, 2017 was a normal day for all of us, but for Neha and Gaurav, it was combination of 777 since the day they first met and so they chose this special date as the day when they exchanged their vows and began their journey as a wedded couple.

Right from their pre-wedding to their special day, we’ve got you the pictures of this couple’s dreamy wedding ceremony.


pre-wedding photoshoot with fairy lights

colours and pre-wedding shoot

By looking at their mesmerising pictures together, we can’t get over with all the love that’s pouring from their eyes for each other. But there’s more to this story. So, let’s hear this story in the bride’s words only-

“The first time I saw him it was 26th February, 2010- I was training with my team at Ebookers!
I remember glancing over at him and thinking, what should I call someone who is already famous as ‘Chick Magnet’? I even came up with the names- Mr Show off’ and ‘The Troublemaker’,  it makes me laugh every time when I think of it now 😉

When we met the next time, I was told that he was my assigned mentor during my on-the-job training phase and there we were…  Became best friends, started eating lunch together, went on weekend outings, our life revolved around each other and it was impossible to stay apart.

After 3 years I decided to move ahead in my career and so did I have to move away from him, When I changed my job, we gradually lost touch and got busy in our day to day lives.  I thought about him often, but eventually he faded into the ‘missed connections’ category.

But destiny had other plans- we were to meet again. And thus when we saw each other on 1st Jan 2017, we hit it off like nothing ever changed. Little did we know back then – we shall be tying the knot after having known each other for 7 years, 7 months and 7 days (to be precise❤)”

Engagement Ceremony

Engagement Rings

wedding cake

Such beautiful captures and who can miss the amazing outfits of both the bride and the groom, but between the glam and sham of the engagement don’t forget this story has more to follow, the twist is yet to be revealed. Don’t you wanna know how destiny tricked this couple to come together after pushing them apart for so long?
We do too, that’s why we interviewed the bride Neha herself and to our surprize there story did take a very interesting turn!

Q. Where did you first meet?
Neha- We worked together at Ebookers, Delhi where he was my senior, when I saw him for the first time, I knew there was something about him that was pulling us closer, but I had never imagined it could turn out to be this beautiful.

Q. What made you think it’s time to finally tie the knot?
NehaWe always liked each other, there was an undeniable chemistry that was hard to miss, but never knew that will end up like this. After I changed my job, I didn’t hear from him for 4 years. This year something unfortunate happened in my family, while I was away in Italy, my younger sister met with an accident. But I forgot everything happens for a reason and this was destiny playing it’s trick to bring us together again. Luckily, he was close to the hospital at that time so one of our closed friends called him for help and that was the moment which brought him back in my life. We started talking and meeting again… and the love buried deep within our hearts bloomed; within a month we decided it’s time to tie the knot so nothing could break us again. 

Q. How did you introduce your families? 
NehaWe used to meet everyday at the hospital, so he spoke to his parents separately and I spoke to mine.
His parents live in the US so the first time the meeting was arranged over FaceTime. And all other proceedings were finalized thereafter.

Q. When was the first time you realised you were in love?
NehaThe day we got engaged and I entered the venue, I looked at him and knew it’s love… that is going to be my forever..

And what happens next is not hidden from any of us, but wait, you’re yet to witness that! So we won’t keep you waiting any longer, here’re the pictures of this truly amazing couple finally getting hitched for life and beyond.

Yes, we see that too- ‘till death do us part‘ 💞

The details are indeed hard to miss!

Isn’t she the coolest bride ever?


Photographer– Flickr Creations
Make Up Artist– Gunjan Dipak Makeovers
Groom’s Wear– Manyavar
Bridal Wear– Design by Devanshu Bhanot
Venue– Harmony Grand SurajKund
Caterers-Harmony Grand
Cake Artists– The Night Shift, Punjabi Bagh

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