You Just Can’t Ignore This Magical Disney Princess Maternity Shoot

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How magical can you possibly think a maternity photoshoot can be? Well, we’ve seen a lot of beautiful, quirky and fun maternity photoshoot ideas but we’ve never seen such. This out of the box idea of Victor and Marie Luna to dress up moms-to-be in Disney princesses was to bring this magical photoshoot to life. And they did achieve this and how, is just a beautiful tale. The enchantment of motherhood was on full display as these pregnant women struck their best Disney poses in a magical photoshoot. Cute maternity clothes for photoshoot were selected in this one and the result was just amazing.

maternity shoot - grey dress


maternity shoot - yellow dress

The photographers chose the princesses for each mom-to-be according to which one could carry out which princess the best and which one can represent each one perfectly. How the dresses will look good on which mother, all these things were taken in consideration before going ahead with the photoshoot. The mothers were headed off to the magical location, Newman’s Castle in Bellville, Texas.

Ilsa Garza, who portrayed Belle, was so thrilled to live out her childhood dream of being a Disney princess that even the contractions — which started two days earlier — wouldn’t stop her from participating. Now this will be one of those unforgettable experiences for both Ilsa and the photographers.

maternity shoot - snow white theme


maternity shoot - princess


maternity shoot - light blue dress

One doesn’t see such maternity photoshoot ideas happening on a daily basis and so to make it look more surreal, Victor and Marie gave each mom something to wear or to use as a prop so that the pictures come out in a way that the mother looks exactly like the respective princess. Like the Snow White was holding an apple and Cinderella holding a glass shoe. All the moms were so thrilled to see the final results just like us. The photographers did an amazing job by choosing this theme for a maternity photoshoot. You just need to get some different ideas or even if you want to recreate this one you can get cute maternity clothes for photoshoot. One of the factors that this photoshoot has turned out to be so attractive and beautiful is because of the maternity photoshoot dresses. We are so thrilled to share this new idea with ya’ll guys. Just imagine how gorgeously gorgeous it will come out to be and your maternity will be of a kind!

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