Your Guide To Have The Most Magical Pre-Wedding Shoot: What, How, Where!

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So pre wedding shoots in Delhi have become a major thing which almost every couple does before their wedding day. It has become like a ritual and people have actually started taking it quite seriously. They think about all the possible pre wedding locations in Delhi to shoot at, props to be used, what to wear and how to get clicked and all. It is a vast process but can get a bit confusing. So here we are trying to make it a bit simpler for you to analyze the entire process and tell you what exactly to do, what to wear by talking to some of the pre wedding shoot specialists. So here are all the details, read on:


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Why are Pre-Wedding Shoots important? 

Pre wedding shoots helps create rapport between the client and the photography team. This is the right time for the bride and groom to connect well with the photographers and see how well they can manage their shoot and get an idea if they will be the right people to cover your entire wedding. You can bring some ideas to the table along with the photographers, decide on a theme together and create some magical memories out of those ideas. The big fat Indian weddings can get are a tedious process and can get very stressful, so this is the perfect time for the couple to have a breather and work well with the person who will be actively covering their entire wedding. You need to book your best makeup artist for pre wedding shoot in Delhi prior and can take help of your photographer in Delhi as they have good knowledge about the best makeup artist in Delhi.


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Ideas on How a Couple Should Choose a Location For Pre-Wedding Shoots:

We think that your hometown should the location you pick for your pre wedding shoot. It should be a part of your wedding memories as you grew up in that place. Historical places and famous structures are our roots and we should take pride in them. They also give depth to the pictures and have sentimental and nostalgic value. If you want to go for a bit of a royal and traditional photoshoot, pick up historical places, forts, and the results will be amazing.

If you are not a shy couple the you must go for natural settings. The deep sky and mountain views, greenery and a scenic beauty can be a good idea for you guys. Discuss it with your photographers and use all the natural setting in your shoot. It’s all about creating lifetime memories with your partner and what is better than the natural scenic beautiful locations.

There are tons of places in Delhi to add onto your location bucket list like Garden of 5 Senses, The Tomb behind Huaz Khas, Lodhi Gardens, Khidki Village, and many more. Though Delhi has a lot of beautiful locations but you can also consider locations on the outskirts of the city with big paddy fields and good sunlight. You can have multiple locations included in your shoot with different themes depending on how grand a shoot you want. A part of it can a modern contemporary and the other half can be royal and traditional.


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What Kind of Outfits a Couple Should be Wearing for their Pre-Wedding Shoot?

The best kind of pictures comes out when he couple is being themselves. Yes, the location, light settings and all matters a lot but not until the couple gives out their reality in front of the camera. The couple can wear colors and outfits complimenting each other and in which they think that suits their personalities. Sometimes if the couple is confused and not able to decide on the clothes, they can take their photographers advice as well as he will be able to tell them what best colors work on camera and in accordance to the location setup as well. You can mix up your outfits by wearing traditional and western, casual and a bit formal, to give different aspects to your photoshoot. Just brainstorm once with your photographer about the locations and what to wear, so that the pictures come out to perfect.

Mostly, pastel shades give the best results as not many people are comfortable in rocking bold and bright colors in pictures. So most of the photographers recommends to wear pastel shades just to be on the safer side. You should be very comfortable in what you are wearing because trust us, the entire photoshoot will be focused on your expressions and how much you’re comfortable with each other and less on what outfit you are wearing. So you need feel free and comfy in your clothes to bring out the best of your personality in front of the camera. Please restrict yourself for posing too much and be more candid. Play around, be active and let the photographer capture the best candid shots.

This is strictly restricted to girls, one of your outfits should be a bit flowly like an anarkali or a gown. Whichever creates more movement and can get captured on the camera as this shot looks really beautiful. Pre wedding shoots are all about love and romance and soft and flowly clothes gives this impression perfectly. And please whatever color you choose to wear please make sure your better half is complimenting you in the color scheme.


Pre-Wedding Shoot-gateway of india


Things To Keep in Mind to Amazing Pre Wedding Photos:

  • Best way to get great pictures is by really enjoying the shoot. Have fun and play around with props and all and just be yourself and comfortable with your partner and leave the rest to your talented photographer
  • The best to get a pre wedding shoot is early in the morning around 5-6 am or in the evening around 4 pm. The sunlight will be perfect
  • It’s important to pick some of your outfits which are flowly and generates movement as the camera will capture such shots exceptionally well
  • Be very clear on what you r style is. In what way you want yourself to be clicked in. In accordance to your theme for your shoot it should work well for you and your photographers as well
  • Your shoot has to have romantic elements for sure and if you want to include some fun elements, use fun props, think of nice pre wedding shoot ideas and stories your pictures could tell
  • Do take active part in editing your photos once the shoot is done and give your inputs as to how you want your pre wedding pictures ideas to come out like and frame the best pre wedding photos for life

So these were some important things for you to keep in mind before you head on for your pre wedding shoot in Delhi with your partner. We hope you will use this information well and have an amazing pre wedding photoshoot.

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