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Regular cream cake
1200 - 6000
Price on request - Price on request

FAQ's :

Popular Flavors Liquor Love, Gooey Chocolate, Ferrero Rocher, Red Velvet.
On-site Delivery yes
Mode of Paymentcash

Reasons Why Choose Us

Food that tastes good and looks even better!

Because we bake the very best.

About Us

'People who LOVE to EAT are always the BEST People' - Julia Child The divine smell of batter turning into a scrumptious cake, cute little rosettes being piped on top of cupcakes and a score of different inspirational designs, these are the little things that define a day at 'All Things Yummy'!! What you can find here: Cakes, Cake in a jar and cupcakes in a choice of various flavours and fillings! What we promise: Baked goodies that are fresh, sinful and melt in your mouth!! What we love: Food that tastes good and looks even better!

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