One Fine Meal

One Fine Meal


Indicative Starting Price

Per plate
100 Guests
Per plate
300 Guests
Per plate
500 Guests

FAQ's :

Minimum to Maximum number of guests you cater to50 - 2000
Booking Terms 50%Advance
Mode of Paymentcash, cheque, online bank transfer

Reasons Why Choose Us

The finest Catering unit in Delhi and NCR.

The food menu is exhaustive and competitive.

Innovative and customized concepts

About Us

A boutique catering firm, One Fine Meal is a result of passion, love and labour of its co-founders. A third generation food enterprise, the co-founders of One Fine Meal belong to probably the first catering family of Delhi. With over six decades of experience, across various food & beverage formats, One Fine Meal brings the best of food experiences to the catering domain. The understanding of food and its ecosystem, taste, operations, service & hospitality along with intimate approach and guest orientation forms the core of One Fine Meal. With the belief that no substandard ingredient can turn into quality produce, the operations are centered on a state of the art kitchen along with an experience center in the heart of the city. The kitchen and the experience center adheres to global food and safety standards while dishing out the freshest and the most authentic flavours.

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