Turmeric Ink Invitations and Stationary

Turmeric Ink Invitations and Stationary


Indicative Starting Price

Traditional Invites

(Medium Range Invitation Card )

550 /Card
100 Cards
450 /Card
300 Cards
400 /Card
500 Cards

FAQ's :

Laser-cut Invites Rs. 710 - 4000
Boxed Invites Rs. 760 - 4000
Corporate Invites Rs. 160 - 4000
Traditional Invites Rs. 410 - 4000
Digital e-Cards Rs. 10 - 4000
Do you also ship invitation cards? yes
Booking Terms50 % Advance
Mode of Paymentcash, cheque

Reasons Why Choose Us

Turmeric Ink gives your inclinations significance.

About Us

Turmeric Ink designs and produces innovative invitations and stationery for weddings and celebrations. We strive to create a superior experience for each client, offering an incomparable range of couture services and products that boast flawless craftsmanship and the utmost attention to detail. Turmeric Ink promises design with a vision. Every project begins with an in-depth assessment of our client’s preference. The design proceeds with a seed, a Vision, that drives the rest of the project’s free-flowering growth. From the first spark of inspiration, the research continues, whether the project calls for delving into the intricacies of baroque patterns or using colour theory to guide the design and production process. We individually, carefully and creatively consider each project on both conceptual and structural level. We are committed to breeding global design with the best ideas from India.

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