Zinia JC Art and Design

Zinia JC Art and Design


Indicative Starting Price

Traditional Invites

(Medium Range Invitation Card )

50 /Card
100 Cards
200 /Card
300 Cards
250 /Card
500 Cards

FAQ's :

Ready made Invites Rs. 10 - 4000
Laser-cut Invites Rs. 10 - 4000
Boxed Invites Rs. 10 - 4000
Corporate Invites Rs. 10 - 4000
Traditional Invites Rs. 10 - 4000
Digital e-Cards Rs. 10 - 4000
Do you also ship invitation cards? yes
Booking Terms100 % Advance
Mode of Paymentcash, cheque, credit card, online bank transfer

Reasons Why Choose Us

Handcrafted by artisans.

Personalized designing.

About Us

Do you have a wedding or a special celebration coming up? Are you on the lookout for fresh designs for your invite? An invitation is the first sign of the joyous occasion you wish to share with others. It is the first tangible exchange of communication with your guest and many underestimate its importance. It makes more than a first impression; it is an exchange of delight, of gratitude and a lasting memory! Designing an invitation is much more than selecting the right paper, graphics and colours. When a theme comes into play, every minute detail is coordinated to match the mood and style of the occasion! Then why leave the invite out? Why not make it count?

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