Royale Affaire Diamond Jewels By  Ishita A Jain

Royale Affaire Diamond Jewels By Ishita A Jain


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Offer 100% refund after a break period of 42 month

Our Jewellery products/pieces are certified by IGI

About Us

Royale Affaire was started in 2014 with the aim of providing diamond jewellery which is brilliant in terms of pricing, quality and designing. At Royale we are extremely passionate about the pieces we make. Each piece is handcrafted by our expert team of designers and is carefully created by our experienced artisans based in Mumbai. We pick out only the top quality diamonds for our jewels and reject the rest. Our aim to create a brand that doesn’t only say- Diamond is a woman’s best friend but also says- Diamond is a Man’s best friend too (in terms that they can be afforded by men for their women). We believe in flaunting our sparkle. We love the jewellery we make because every piece has something different to say. We have designs that can cater to all taste buds :p.

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Nice store & good customer service.


Lovely collection. Love to visit again.


Good designs, affordable prices.


Good environment....


Unique designs and trust full Diamond Jewelry brand.

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