JustKapture Innovations Pvt Ltd.

JustKapture Innovations Pvt Ltd.


Indicative Starting Price

Service Package
Traditional Photography & Videography
Price on request
100 Guests
Price on request
300 Guests
Price on request
500 Guests

FAQ's :

Photo Booth Rs. 20000 per day
Industry Experience2 to 3 years
Travel to LocationYes (Outstation Travel & Stay charges borne by client)
Booking Terms50 % Advance
Mode of Paymentcash, cheque, credit card, online bank transfer

Reasons Why Choose Us

Much Faster (takes 10-12 sec to print one photo).

Guests can use their phone to get instant printout

Guests can apply filters in their phones.

About Us

We are a Live-Engagement partner for events, brands and stores to actively engage with their audience. Brands get exclusive user-generated content that goes live at their store or at the event. Customers become brand advocates, with their voices and visuals. Events are amplified with live feeds online, reviews, photos and more. Stores become your best selling space where consumers are more likely to buy and remember you.

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