Third Vision Studio

Third Vision Studio


Indicative Starting Price

Service Package
Candid Photography & Cinematography
25000 /Day
100 Guests
40000 /Day
300 Guests
50000 /Day
500 Guests

FAQ's :

Cinematography Rs. 45000 per day
Traditional Videography Rs. 10000 per day
Traditional Photography Rs. 10000 per day
Corporate Photography Rs. 12000 per day
Candid Photography Rs. 15000 per day
Photo Booth Rs. 15000 per day
Pre-Wedding Shoot Rs. 20000 Per Day
Industry ExperienceMore than 5 years
Travel to LocationYes (Outstation Travel & Stay charges borne by client)
Booking Terms50 % Advance
Mode of Paymentcash, cheque, credit card, online bank transfer

Reasons Why Choose Us

The most innovative wedding photography company.

We bring glamour to candid moments.

About Us

And they met for the first time.Magical right? The first thing she spoke brings smile on your face. And the First look,well you can't forget that ever! How about the story of proposal? nervous? heart skips a beat? She said 'Yes!', Unforgettable! The first date and Love is in the air! Wait how about fights & falling in love again! What if these moments are brought back and lived again. How about a walk in the memory lanes. How about making them stay forever. Every marriage is communion of soul fibers and collective of many stories. Wedding is not just another event of life. Every knot is a connection of souls.We love stories and try to whittle them for you in our frames forever. Share your story with us and we promise to make it last forever.

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