KNK by Krinjal

KNK by Krinjal


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Types of AccessoriesClutches, Potlis, Handbags, Bridalwear and Trousseau
Booking Terms60 % Advance
Mode of Paymentcash, cheque

Reasons Why Choose Us

Super fashionable.

Because quality never goes out of fashion.

About Us

KNK aka Kulture ’N’ Kuts is a designer label by Krinjal Rathod. The label was established in 2012 with a vision of exclusivity and elegance in design. The label is designed for modern Indian women who admires and loves indian craft. At KNK, we design clutches and potli bags. The collection speaks to the traditional values of Indian women who understand the significance of their heritage. The pieces are elegant, clean and accentuates femininity. Every KNK piece is lovingly, painstakingly and deliberately created by skilled artisans using the highest degree of craftsmanship, quality, devotion and care. At KNK, artistry, creativity and quality are paramount. Each handcrafted object is unique, special; the making of which involves years of learned skills, passion, enthusiasm, sincerity and which reflects a living heirloom culture

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