Happy Dancing Feet

Happy Dancing Feet


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Approximately 30 minutes
Approximately 1 hours
Price on request

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Home classes' facilityYes (but we charge extra for it)
Mode of Paymentcash, cheque

Reasons Why Choose Us

Extremely talented

Fresh approach.

About Us

Happy Dancing Feet (HDF) is your one-stop destination for Wedding Sangeet Choreography. From desi thumkas to dream-like ballroom sequences we've got it all covered. Whether you want a simple dance-based choreography or a fairy-tale musical with props and concepts, we customise it all. We know that you and your guests attend a lot of Sangeets that have repetitive songs and performances, and we put in our heart and soul to make sure our choreography is fresh and unique. We put in efforts to understand you, your family and your choices before we design your dream Sangeet. We ensure that your special day is memorable not just for you but also for your guests as well! We really look forward to making your Sangeet a fabulous affair. At, Happy Dancing Feet we believe that dance has tremendous power. Power to change, the power to heal and power to lend expression, which is why the mission of Happy Dancing Feet is to spread happiness and healing through Dance. We're all about having fun, yes, dance involves technique but what it really needs is a soul. When you love something it just flows through you; we don't choreograph the movements, we let them choreograph us…

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